27 January 2010

Apples and Pears

 Here I am…watching my weight shift…

Added to night sweats, red cheeks and heart palpitations,

I’ve noticed that even though I haven’t actually gained weight,

I’m beginning to look less like a pear and more like an apple.

Or one of those potatoes with toothpicks that we sprouted in elementary school.  Sheesh!

The up side is I haven’t had to buy tampons for 2 months! 


This morning I finished the last of my pesto I froze this fall. 

Yes, pesto for breakfast.  Nothing better than a warm bowl of pasta in the morning.  Yippy-Yum!

But now it looks like I’ll be buying over-priced basil…


The up side is I haven’t had to buy tampons for 2 months!

The universe is always looking out for me :)


Sunday, I added some new things to my shop.

and sold a few 

(Thank you LuLu and Terri)

Tonight I added 2 more.


Well, that deserves a toast.  I’m off to pour the Chianti.

Like I needed an excuse ;)

Cheers every one and a big, fat Hug!




  1. I cracked up at how the Universe is always looking out for you! Girl..YOU ARE WAY TOO FUNNY! I just love stopping by your place! Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

  2. Come on over and come in the Wise Woman's Hut. It's only for those of us that are DONE with buying tampons.

  3. you're so funny Ms. Apple
    I'm an apple too
    but the upside is > no tampons
    ha ha ha

  4. Yes, there's an upside to everything, isn't there? Thanks for reminding us!

    Congratulations on your recent sales! Pour me a glass of Chianti! Oh, and you'll have to drink it for me! See? Another upside!

    One more thing: I left an award on my blog for you! Stop by when you get a chance!

    xo Maggie

  5. Ok, it seems that Maggies' beating me to giving EVERYONE an award today! I left the same aard for you on my blog :)

  6. oh how I love menopause. my grandmother said it would be the best time of my life and she was right. the hot flashes quit and the weight settles out, but the desire gets kicked up a bit and there is just so much more focus! my experience anyway!!! LOL!

  7. Hah, yes, I'm right there with you... watching the weight shift, ugh! And hey, I thought wine was supposed to help us digest all those calories, lol!

  8. You are so funny, Lisa. I'm in there with whole no tampon thing, but I cheated. I went under the knife.
    Congrats on the sales. Drink a glass for me.

  9. Sounds like Freedom is on the way. That's how I saw it anyhow.

    Love your little pear with the stripy socks.


    PS = did you get the postcard I sent?

  10. The print blocks are such a brilliant gift. The purest pure lady is so beautiful. She deserves to be on many, many blocks and spread around the world.
    Hope you are keeping well and happy!
    All the best and blessings!



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