02 January 2010

A Night with the Stars

This is my submission for this week’ challenge at Inspiration Avenue

The theme was ‘at the movies’  I don’t go to the cinema and when I Netflix it is usually documentaries, foreign films or a series, right now The Tudors.  So I thought of stars…and I thought of nature’s picture show…I then I painted this:

DSCN0498 I used real crystals for some of the stars and glittered the sky and sea.  I used some magical stone texture for the rock.  It is painted on a big gallery-wrapped canvas.


I guess she could be for the movie Splash, without the man keeping her as a pet.  Or she could be the Little Mermaid, without a man asking her to give up her voice for him.  But I prefer her as she is,

basking in the stars and the blue moon, thankful for who she is and in charge of her own destiny.

I put her for sale in our   InspirationAvenue shop.



I have lots to do this month.

My friend Bea has a challenge involving an ART DOLL PROJECT.

I am also participating in this:

magic carpet


And this:

time to shrine

Shrine Project


All great ways to keep my mind off winter.  Click on the links if you are interested…

Love all,



  1. A beautiful mermaid in charge of her own destiny, like it!
    Love the star light night, so dreamy, she is sure in a nice place.

    Have a great day Lisa!



  2. This is magical, Lisa! I love the midnight blue sky and the stars. And the mermaid is exquisite! Independent, as all mermaids should be!

  3. this is lovely lisa ... i love the hidden meaning of freedom that you put into your piece :) and little mermaid basking in the night sky somehow gives me such an intense feeling... just beautiful!

  4. Yep, a Starry night for sure, you always pull your art together so perfectly! And I love the blue moon post! The image is heaven. Sorry I didn't get here sooner...my mind fogs, and I read but don't post, another change I will correct this year...especially since I come here so often, forgive me, on this! The new year shall be wonderful!

    Hugs to you, Lisa

  5. by the light of the silvery moon!! way to go! xo

  6. thanks for your visit. I believe that art needs no words. I wish you a happy 2010. Do not worry about the translation, everything is fine.

  7. Beautiful mermaid under the stars. Good luck on your challanges, Lisa.

  8. What a wonderful and creative take on the theme - nature's picture show - I love it! The depth of that midnight blue is so lovely, and the crystals are a great touch.

  9. I love your submission this week and couldn't agree with you more! I often think about life before all the 'entertainment' we now have and miss the days when is was just us and nature. Your take on her purpose is perfect and beautiful!
    Good luck with your events this week!♥

  10. Wow, what a powerful statement; being thankful for who she is and in charge of her own destiny. I LOVE it, and this piece!

  11. Taking in what nature has to offer without all the special effects provided by cinema. Then she can absorb and ponder with nature from her viewing post - a woman in her own right - not someone's wife, mother, daughter, colleague etc etc. She dares to be her self, without parameters. Thought provoking. You are definitely going to be busy, aren't you?

  12. I'm in a mermaid mood too, though mine seems to be having a complexion problem! This sea creature is a real beauty. Is she wishing on a star?

  13. Love this little mermaid. It's a wonderful entry for the challenge. I like that you did not have a particular movie in mind when you painted it. Just let you muse lead you and something wonderful happens.

  14. Hi Lisa! Thank you for the Christmas card. Very sweet. I love your submission. It is so pretty. Isn't it such a sweet blessing to receive an unexpected surprise in the mail?
    Have a lovely weekend,


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