13 January 2010

No Excuse for Excuses

When I started blogging, I promised I would make it a fun place.  Only positive or humorous posts. I was going to leave the complaining to…well, the complainers.   SO…I am not going to list any of the reasons I haven’t made a post or a comment or a finished project last week and this week is looking even more difficult.  I am just asking you, my sweet friends, to forgive me.  I feel like a person that hasn’t shown up for work but still expects to have a job :)



Mia turned 15! 

DSCN0472 Here she is in the dressing room, right before a performance.  We squeezed celebrating in whenever we could between dance classes, rehearsals and performances.  It took us 5 days to fit it all in a couple hours at a time.  Seems like she should be 18 by now :) Click on her shiny little face and you will see why she is the Love-dess!


Tomorrow I will squeeze in a post about the cakes!



I did my Wonderland Challenge, but it didn’t suit me…hence, no photo :(  I did FINALLY finish my Shrine tonight, but no light…so, no photo.  I was cleaning up my studio, well not cleaning more like picking up and trying to get organized (another unfinished task) and I found this little snowman in a drawer.  I made him when I was pregnant with Mia, so he is practically an antique.  I didn’t like his face so I sanded him and put on a different expression.  He is cool now.  But I don’t like his little message.  ‘Let it Snow’

Blah!  I can’t stand the stuff anymore.  Ooops! Was that me complaining?  I know a lot of you love snow or the idea of snow.


So whoever wants him, he’s yours.  First person to comment gets him.  I want to have him in the mail by Friday. I’ve got a very full weekend of driving.  Mia has a performance Friday, Sat and Sunday.

She’s a rock star!

Um, I gotta go.  More tomorrow.  Love!


  1. NO, NO, NO I love him but I do not need ANYTHING that suggests that I want more snow.
    So, if I am the first, send it to the second.
    I'm glad you are back blogging.
    I know sometimes the days, minutes, time gets away from us. We understand.
    Friends understand.
    Friends are more concerned that you are keeping yourself healthy and stress free.
    MIA you are getting to grown up. sigh They do that, don't they. :)Bea

  2. No, Bea, I don't want more snow either. Lisa, send him to the third commenter.
    So understand about time getting away. The snow has turned me into a bear. I go to work, come home, eat, then hibernate wrapped in a fuzzy blanket in front of the tv until bed.
    I so need Spring!

  3. I'm the third commenter and I don't want any snow either. I want sandy beaches if you have any of those :-) Maybe commenter #4 will be happy to have snow.


  4. Isn't there anyone who is not sick of snow?? It's surely not me! ...Luthien...where are you? Stephanie...no, I think she has had some cold weather too. Yikes!

    Lisa, I'm giving you permission to complain about snow. I certainly do. And just get back to blogging when you get the time. I know how that goes.

    Your daughter is enchanting in her costume! Anyone who can pose like that has to be a good dancer. How limber is that? She's beautiful!

  5. I was so very glad to see a new post from you today. Almost made a trip up your way to see if you were, okay. Not really. I don't drive that well in snow. But like I said..sooo glad to see you return!

    Also..you sweet-faced daughter is beautiful. Yes I would agree..she's for sure a rock-star! So pretty and talented at such an early age. Enjoy every minute of it dear friend..before you have time to blink, they are out the door and living their grown up lives. I miss my very grown-up and she'd hurt me if I told her age, daughter every single day. Blink of an eye, I tell you.

    Oh, and before I forget (got so distracted discussing beautiful children and all) the painting displayed is beyond amazing! You have such a fan here in the Peach State. The eyes (think I've already told you once before) are what "get me" every time! They're wonderful. Truly wonderful. Closing for now..leaving you with peace, joy, and happiness over-flowing, Terri

  6. I love how you put a positive spin on everything you say- I might need some lessons one day soon:)
    Your daughter is charming and so beautiful!
    And, no, I don't want any more snow either. Being a Georgia peach, as far as I'm concerned once a year is quite sufficient!
    Hugs to you,

  7. You have such a beautiful daughter. How flexible she looks in her dance move.
    Abi, my daughter is 15 also.
    Don't worry about being away, were not work, well I hope not,lol!
    I think a lot of us have had one of those weeks and maybe we all just need a little extra tlc.
    Have a great weekend with plenty of you time!



  8. Oh poor little snowman. Did he find a home? If he didn't, I'll give him one! I sometimes feel I must blog or I'm letting people down but in the end, the blog is for you - or me, so no hassle. xxxxx

  9. Your daughter is gorgeous by the way. My sister, my brother and I all used to dance and my mum used to make our costumes. How I loved those costumes. She was a wonderful dressmaker too.


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