30 January 2010

Pure Grace and Full Wolf Moon

This week our theme was PURE at Inspiration Avenue.

I know you’ve seen GRACE before…but she is different.

I collect art blocks from other artists and I thought I should make my own.  I don’t make prints from most of my original paintings,

but the few I haven’t sold, I did.  Here is Grace.  She is pure. 

purer than the purest pure. 

whisper of a whisper.

childfully serious.

flower of holiness.

DSCN0583 She is wee.  4x8 inches.  I put her in my shop for $15.  The sides are painted and she is ready to hang.

DSCN0584 She is not alone, I made 2 others, so far...



Also…my Full Wolf Moon doll project for Bea.  Just in time.

It was supposed to look like the full moon dressed as a papoose, in a wolf’s skin.  At least that was my idea.  If there was any doubt…no, I don’t have a single drop of Native American blood in me.  It looks more like a page from Where the Wild Things are.  Oh well, I tried.



Love, from me to all of you :)


  1. Where's the picture of your Full Wolf Moon papoose? :(
    You are too hard on yourself. Imagine you are a child that wanted to make an offering to the Full Moon in this month of the wolf. Would you worry about how it looked? pat, pat, pat You do wonderful work when you get out of the muses's way. :)Bea

  2. These are soooo beautiful Lisa! I love them all but especially the girl in the middle....so insipiring! : )

  3. I have a Grace bookmark and I LOVE her! I truly think she is beautiful Lisa! Thanks again!

  4. I have a Grace bookmark, too, and I love her.

    The little wild thing is cute.

    Wolf moon tonight and the snow clouds have actually left the area so it can be seen. woohoo! I hate snow.

  5. I love these Lisa! Full of grace and purely beautiful!

    Your little moon-faced wolf is so sweet! If wolves can be sweet. Yes I think they can. :D

  6. All gorgeous. I am loving looking at and painting pretty ladies! I like the sun one with the wild, firey hair the best, but all lovely!

  7. LOVE this! Now I've got to scramble to get my entry done for this week, lol!

  8. OMG these are fantastic.
    Wonderful creations. Love them all.

  9. Your little paintings are all fab Lisa! I love the slightly elongated look - reminds me a bit of Giacometti - I love his work!
    And your little wolf just so cute!
    Angie x

  10. Oh Lisa I love her! I love the little heart body. All are fabulous. And the wolf character is too cute. It does look like it should be from "Where the Wild Things Are".

  11. Lisa, I love your painting and the little moon in the wolf suit is just perfect. I think you nailed it.

  12. your work is so beautiful and the little moony wolfy is adorable! I have my vino in hand and I am cheering you on girlfriend!

  13. oh... i love the look on grace's face, the cross on her forehead and that star shaped like a cross in her eyes. she is pure to me ... yes she is! what a heartfelt piece ... HUGS!!

  14. Oh Lisa, she's gorgeous. Her eyes are so soulful. Bravo!


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