06 February 2010

Blizzard/Tornado and Artist Friend


What can I say?

My Friend


You know, I could be shuffling (Pa Dutch for shoveling) snow,
or cleaning up my artistic disaster,
but here I sit.
And if you are sitting, too...
Check out my friend Teri's art.  Her blog is new,
but she is a vetern artist and her oil paintings are fan-tab-u-lous.
Give her a visit. 
She is a shiney person (that's the best kind)
And let me know if you can desribe her paintings.

The whole town is shut down.  It's still snowing and blowing.
No point to shuffling.

If I put all that shizz away, I'll never find it.
I guess I'll just make something :)


PS:  Don't hate me cause I'm messy. 
 I figure if I put it out there
the shame of it all
would force me into drastic measures.
we'll see how that goes.


  1. Oh Lisa...you are too funny!

    You can just leave your things the way they are. You don't have to clean up for your best blogging sisters. We love you just the way you are!


  2. you always crack me up! hey my studio always looks like this!!!

  3. Must be something to do with the name Lisa! My entire house looks like this, then to add the chaos I'm also decorating the kitchen! Snow look soooooo pretty!

  4. I thought my mess was bad but after seeing yours, I feel pretty good. I am laughing so hard. We are almost the same! Mine is on a table and just a little on the floor. I love your willingness to show the mess that is part of your creative genius. I'll live through you on this one. :)M
    Stay warm. Hope you are well stocked on food. I can see you are good on paint.

  5. Whoa! Crazy weather outside, and "crazy weather" inside! Actually, you're studio looks almost like MINE! I just say "Creativity needs to BREATHE"...so I have spread mine all over my studio :)

    Stay safe in all that ridiculous snow!

  6. Don't feel so bad about your mess, Lisa. At least it's all in one place. Mine...on the kitchen table, on a craft table in living room, a coffee table, part of the couch, my nephew's room, and what is suppose to be my studio/catch all room.
    It's a wonder I find anything.

  7. Miss Lisa..how sweet to give me a shout-out! Thank you so very much my friend! And since no one could describe my art (per your encouragement)..I thought I'd give it a try.

    Hmm..I'd have to say Whimsical with a Twist of Traditional. Am I close?

    Hey..I'm lovin' your messy studio. It tells me you're a very busy artist. Producing some pretty amazing pieces I might add! I'm especially fond of the way you carried your work right onto the frame of the last piece you posted! Very cool!

    Hey, if you get a chance pop over to my place. I just posted some new pieces. So many have written me asking when I'd be doing my roosters again, so I've decided to try and please my new audience. Let me know your thoughts on them when you have some time.

    Stay close my friend! Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

  8. Feel no shame, Lisa - creativity is measured by the messiness of the work place, meaning: you're a creative genius!

    It's funny how it works, isn't it? When I do tidy up, then I can't find what I need...
    xoxo lulu

    p.s. brrr! (but it looks so beautiful, all that snow!)


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