11 February 2010

Happy Days

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mother's Birthday!
On Sunday it will be Daemon's Birthday
and their Anniversary!
So, here they are looking uncomfortable for any number of reasons.
1) It's cold ( I keep the heat set at 59, 61 for company)
2)  Obviously, they hate picture taking. And celebrations.
3)  Is there cat hair in the icing???    (nah, just dust)
4)  See the big knife...

This was the celebration that I had Sunday.  I completely forgot it was
Super Bowl Sunday...I missed the whole thing (wtg Saints)

Here you can see how much fun you missed.
Deb and Daemon are missing. 
I think they went outside to warm up.
Personally, I loved the food and the company!
So...Happy Days to Carol and Daemon!


PS:  I made the usual baked ziti, but I made a pesto of
1 lb fresh spinach
3 cloves garlic
2 hands parm
olive oil
and mixed that in with the usual stuff.
Yummy :)
also, use little to no cat hair, fur, or fuzz. 


  1. awww... happy birthday priti mom :) girl! i just love your house!!

  2. hello,Priti woman!-)***

    And congratulations for you mom!!!

    The are also priti atmosphear as on you Blog!-)))

    With love and care,


  3. what a lovely party and the temp is perfect for a dinner party, your setting is lovely and the recipe is fab!! magnifico cara! xoxo

  4. Drink the wine, it will warm you up!
    Love parties, where are the hats?
    The mean sounds wonderful, any left overs? :)Bea

  5. Lisa, your guests and children look as happy as mine usually do! Gosh woman 59! I keep mine pretty low 67, now when they complain I'll tell them it could be worse!

    I like the queen of my heart : ) How fun.

    Have a good Valentines
    XXX's Lisa D.

  6. Thank you Lisa, so much for your beautiful message, I thought I was writing a good thing, when I realised I was upsetting others with me and this wasn't good. So have written a different post to look more towards love and light.
    You helped me so much and hoping this new post will give a little love back!

    Huge Hug!


  7. Happy Birthday Beautiful Mom! She's lovely, Lisa! Your post started out so sweet and sentimental, then once again your humor got the best of me! I laughed outloud regarding the temperature control! Every single person visiting my home always comes prepared..they either bring their own shawl, sweater, or jacket. Some have even shown up with electric blankets! I'm not kidding! So glad I'm not the only conservative (hot-flashin') female out there! Blessings, love, joy and sunshine, Terri

  8. Lisa you always make me smile! Happy Birthday Mrs Priti!

    I don't know what baked ziti is, but your pesto sounds yummy :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    I love that pesto recipe.

    haha I laughed about the temperature in your house! I thought I kept it cold, about 67. But for the past week, I have been turning it lower and lower, hoping to get rid of some nasty furnace-y fumes that only I can smell. I might get to 59 soon...

  10. Wow, Happy Birthday to your Mom!! With that said I must say I AdOrE your place, gawd it's GORGEOUS!!!♥♥


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