02 February 2010

Inspirational Gift-Away

Happy Groundhog's Day!  Here in Pennsylvania, our Phil saw his shadow.
That means we either have 6 more weeks of winter
or it's only 6 weeks til spring.
I'm not sure what the difference is...kinda like a half full glass...better than nothing.

Now, more about me.
I am hosting the February Giveaway at Inspiration Avenue.
If you've never visited our blog, this is the perfect month to do so.
I am giving this piece
and the team is also participating in the One World One Heart Giveaway
and you could win a $20 gift card our team etsy shop!
Click the link.
You can thank me later.


  1. Man, those ladies at IA are brave.(snicker)

    no, truely, that is a nice piece.

  2. this is an amazing piece of work!! beautifully crafted!

  3. Another delightful piece! I also enjoyed the quote by Agatha C. If that statement didn't hit the nail on the head, nothing ever will.

    Miss Lisa..I'm so happy today! Hope you are too! Have you been to visit Dimples & Dragonflies lately? In my upcoming "Free Giveaway" promotion, a sweet girl by the name of Kendall from Finesse Your Nest offered to sponsor me. I was so touched.

    Anyhoo..she running a introduction for me on her site as well as having made me a beautiful Grab Button for my new site.

    Next time you visit me, take a look at it and if it's something you might like to add to your site, I'd be so grateful. Everyone loves coming to visit Miss Lisa. Especially me!

    Blessings, joy and plenty of sunshine, Terri at http://dimplesdragonflies.com

  4. Oh wow, thanks for the reminder, I'd completely forgotten it was ground hog day, wow!

    Love what you've created for this month's giveaway, it's really fabulous!♥

  5. Amazing...I want it! never never never give up!

  6. Oh yeah, gotta love that Phil. Has that groundhog ever not seen his shadow? Six weeks is March 16, which is actually early for spring. So he saw his shadow, but spring will come early in six weeks... I'm confusing myself. Those people in Punxsutawney (never spelled that before) have a real goldmine there!

    I do love your stone tablet! I am so determined though, sometimes I have to tell myself, PLEASE give it up already! Or other people will tell me. lol


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