28 February 2010

Our theme was Purple this week at Inspiration Avenue
I always have trouble when the theme is a color.
Remember Peach ?
If you don't, I for sure won't remind you :)
But finally...

While junk sifting, I found this cat with his head on backwards.
Lots of sanding
some paint
and the perfect quote from Lewis Carroll.
He would be right at home in any nut-house.
I think I'll put him in my shop.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Oh he is wonderful Lisa. What a great idea. Into the shop he goes. 'Off with his head'?? Oh no, better not!

  2. OMG!!! he's MAD!!!!! i love him!!! LOL!! you have such a playful and quirky artistic sense :) i love you girl!

    ... psst ... reminds me of the cat in alice in wonderland!

  3. Oh, wonderful kitty!!! Oye, Priti.Lisa - I am passing along a blog "award" to you. Come see on my blog - I think you might have fun with it!
    xoxo lulu

  4. Wow, Cheshire cats, Alice In Wonderland quotes and PURPLE all some of my favorite things! Great entry this week as always!

  5. He is soooo cute! Where ever did you find him? And then to re purpose him in this way is so creative. I'm sure he will fly out of your shop.
    Love your sense of humor! You have way too much fun.....lol!

  6. Wow Lisa! He is fabulous!! I love him, even if he's a bit of a nutter!

  7. are you kidding? This is madness!!

    love the teeethh.

  8. I swear..I love your insanity!!!


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