23 February 2010

Some Girls have all the Luck

Chapter I
Imagine this:
 smooth glossy blue enamel
oxidized coppery texture
weathered patina
timeworn relic.

Ahh, sounds like an artist's dream....

The correct answer is:
What is my Car?

Yep, my car is a reflection of me.
The whole attitude is me.
I'm a snob.
Putting my nose up at shiny, new cars
 at least I'm not pretending to be richer than I am 
I spend my money on art and books
I'm not a martyr...I am a snob in my mixed-media ride.

Chapter II
I went to collect the mail today and there was a box balanced on the mailbox.
Oh no, I thought, what did I buy that I can't afford?

This keychain was inside.
 A totally unexpected gift from my friend Sharon.
As busy as she is running Inspiration Avenue, her own 2 blogs, her family, etc
She took the time to send me this beautiful handmade keychain.
I am overwelmed by her generosity.
You can get your own here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/manamoon
and if you like my background get your own here: http://plumroselane.etsy.com/
She is very generous with her helpful tutorials.
Thank You Sharon!
I couldn't wait to put my keys on it
and a little doo-hic-us so I could clip it on my bag.
Just too pretty to let tumble around in the crumbs :)

I don't have to worry about my car getting stolen,
but my keychain?  Might happen.
Better get that superior look off my face.

Just in case my car is reading this post...
She still has a great pair of headlights!
and I love the tatoos on her behind :0


  1. I once drove a car, rather a van, shaped like a breadbox. It was blue like yours. Her entire backside was plastered with tats.
    The kids had a ball reading her butt when I parked in the high school parking lot to wait for my daughter. I was sorry when she was finally traded in but someone told me that they saw her traveling around Chicago. :)Bea

  2. First, thanks for seeing all my blog stuff..ya, I'm a little overboard but hey, it keeps me outta the bingo halls (O:
    Love your little blue FORD! And I love the *stop bitching*
    Mines a silver one..Ford rocks!
    Fun and special key chain too. Ya, keep her outta the crumbs..

    Ok, gotta run, see ya yesterday..

  3. Yeah, Ford rocks! I have a Taurus.

    I once owned a car-my first one really- that was one of those station wagons with the wood panels on the sides. It was an ugly yellow, had no windows except for the windsheild, and had bullet holes down the driver side. It had been in a drive by shooting in Nashville where my family lived at the time. My dad got it for me for $100.

    At least I had something to talk about at school.

  4. OMG!!! at first i thought it was some mixed media of some countries on a globe or something like that!!! LOL!! you! better go get it fixed ... it spreads like a disease ... rust on car! i'm not saying i'm a very good car owner. i haven't washed mine for a year i think!!

    OMG!!! that keychain is gorgeous!!! one of my favs in her collection :)) you lucky girl! and yes ... sharon is such a beautiful person inside out isn't she :)

  5. Great key chain. Great car too. I drive a 13 year old Honda, can I join the old car snob group too?


  6. You are such a lucky girl both in your car (love the bumper sticker btw!) and that beautiful keychain!
    Have a blessed day,

  7. OMG!! You're just too adorable for words!! I think your cars awesome and you sure had me going with your description!!♥
    Sure am happy I could brighten your day! You're such a generous and caring person I just couldn't imagine you not winning something from OWOH! ;-)

  8. Is that first picture your car?? I swear I thought it was a painting!

    LOVE your new keychain (and love that red bag too, now I think about it!) Isn't Sharon such a love - and her work is always gorgeous, no matter what medium she uses!

  9. I laughed my backside off at this post! Lisa..you are hilarious! Hey, and BTW, I'm snobbish about shiny new cars too. Still drivin' my 1998 Camry and will continue until she gives up the ghost. Ironically, she's the same color blue as your car. And guess what, her headlights are probably the best thing about her too..Well..maybe the stero has one up on her! Ha ha. Gotta have my tunes!

    Love the gorgeous keychain! How sweet a gift was that?

    Thanks for dropping by my place earlier. I'll give you a pass anytime you want one to visit the Lincoln-Room. My husband almost refuses to go in..says he worries what might jump out and grab him. Piles and piles of endless collections of who know what? Wonder if I have that Hording Disease I've been hearing about? Ha ha

    Stay close! Blessings always, Terri

  10. Oh Lisa, you really made me laugh!! I love your sense of humour!!

    Sharon's key chain is so gorgeous!! I love that little butterfly. It looks gorgeous fluttering all over your bag!! xx

  11. Too funny Lisa! I love your posts!
    The keychain is beautiful! Sharon is a doll, that's for sure! So are you :)

  12. HA! If that top picture is your car, it is a work of art!

    When I was about 10 years old, my girlfriend and I used to imagine having the most awesome bikes we could think of. Her dad used to promise to paint her bike "sky-blue-pink". We were thrilled trying to imagine what that would look like! I have now seen it after all these years! Beautiful.

    Speaking of beautiful...Sharon's key holders are so amazing and so is her generosity. Lucky you!

  13. Looks like the ocean with sun shining on it and a coppery beach. Pretty cool.

  14. My car is almost as bad. The problem with it is dirt, really. It never gets washed. And it's bright orange. And the exhaust has gone, it's all a bit like me really.

    I do love that key thingummy bob. I'd sure like one too. It looks lovely on your bag. Love

  15. On the bright side, your car did provide you with a really awesome texture and color photo!
    : ) lulu

  16. You have such an artsy car! Lucky you. I thought it was some mixed media piece you worked on for days.
    That key chain is awesome an so is Sharon.

  17. What a pretty keychain. That is awesome, to open your mail and find something so wonderful.

    Nice tattoos, too!


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