05 March 2010

Change the World

The theme this week is Change the World at

Inspiration Avenue.

On my on-going mission to keep the landfills clean,

I dug this beauty out of someone’s trash last summer.

DSCN0515 See her yellow water stains…Blech!

After I cut her apart, I sanded, painted and added few other

objects (like the wire from a champagne cork)

of course, I had to make the butterfly.

Nobody throws anything that nice in the trash :)

Ta Da!


Now she is all prettied-up and ready for a very special day!

Our Art Auction starts Sunday,

and she will be there.

Check back to see who’s joining her.

XO, Lisa


  1. OMG!!! she's beautiful!! what a fabulous recycle entry!!!

  2. AWESOME OMG how cool I love this, sold stuff at a garage sale last year to a gal that did this I had no idea how cool they can look.

  3. wow! what a transformation! you are the goddess!! I bow to your work and your efforts at upcycling!
    baci, baci!!

  4. I like her,she is great!-)*

    My dear Lisa,have a fabulous weekend!

    Many love and care,


  5. I love her, Lisa! She is a doll! Okay, so that was cheesy, but I think she is fabulous! Did you send a link or photo to Maggie, for the mosaic?

  6. Good for you! And good for the environment! And she rocks!

  7. Wow ... what a fabulous job. Is it just me or does she look younger and happier? Hey ... I could use that kind of makeover! :)

    I love that she is made from recycled materials. She's definitely a fine example of art that changes the world!

  8. OMG..she's wonderful! Can't wait to see who'll be joining her. Man..what a great find! Hope you add her to your Etsy shop..HINT HINT!

    Blessings to you sweet friend, Terri

  9. She's fab, lisa! What a great make-over you gave her!
    Angie x

  10. Love this dolly, really special and very beautiful!


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