01 March 2010

February’ s Inspiration Avenue Winner


Only God and Bill Gates know how I got this video on my blog instead of my Inspiration Avenue Team blog.  I tried til I was red in the face…Never, Never, NEVER Give Up!  I finally had to…shame too,

it’s me at my most…well, ME-ISH-NESS. 

The laugh is on me once again.  Enjoy :)




  1. WHAT A HOOT........I LOVED SEEING YOU in kinda person. lololsnort
    How adorable, sitting there on the laundry room floor. lolol I especially loved the counting while the names tumbled in the dryer.TOO FUNNY. :)Bea

  2. Lisa, so lovely to see you. You are so beautiful, well I knew this from your photo. Seeing you on video, you are and so much more. Love you hair.
    I didn't mind missing the draw as I got to see you and it was so lovely.

    Have a brill week!



  3. Hello,dear,dear Lisa!!!-)***

    It is SOooo nice to seeing you in you video...LOL!!!

    And it is very,very nice to meet you not only from you photo...it is much personally!-)))

    Love and blessings,


  4. What a fabulous way to choose and reveal the winner!
    Oh, I LOVE your hair, btw....;)

  5. What a novel way to choose a winner. Great idea Lisa.

  6. just totally enjoy your adorableness!! and congrats to Yvonne!

  7. holey cow!!! GIRL!!! i'm so impressed! you are a natural on screen ... you are!! and i am JEALOUS!! i could never never do it so naturally ... i'll probably choke myself to death! LOL!!! i LOVE this :) and girl!! you are charismatic and man ... if i were a man ... i'll have weak knees just hearing your voice ... holey!!!!

  8. I agree with Luthien and everyone else!

    And not only that, you are HILARIOUS!! I giggled from the first backwards letters to the "cheers" at the end!

    You are brave as well as adorable! We should all post videos, it's so much nicer than printed words when we have never met in person! But I'm sure I would never do it. Too much of a scared-y cat. I would record it over and over, never be satisfied, and just GIVE UP!

  9. Even tho I didn't win the contest I still felt like I got a prize 'cuz you made us a video.

    Contrats to Yvonne tho.


  10. That was absolutely fabulous darling! (said with very posh accent!) I love your little videos!!! Glad to see that glass of wine is still there. Wish my dryer door closed so neatly. I have to shove the ironing basket (always full!) against it to keep it wedged shut. Congrats to your winner too!! xx


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