14 March 2010

Good Eggs

The Charity Art Auction is over
and these GOOD EGGS were the highest bidders
on my pieces.
I  am honored by your generous spirits,
and thank you both for making our event a success.

Won't you visit LuLu
and Eva
and tell them what good eggs they are?

Where is that video I promised?
Has my sense of adventure been eaten by the gloomy weather?
I think I need a kick in the pants from Horton

A Promise is a Promise...



  1. I'll wait. Glad the auction went well. :)Bea

  2. Congratulations on doing so well on the auction! Your pieces were a huge success!

  3. hey pretty girl :) you've been tagged in my blog :) play along if you wish to ok :))) it's quite a fun one, this one ...

  4. So, what's with the Anonymous student post that pops up on some blogs? I had to disable the annoying little Anonymouses..
    Anyway, glad things went well with the Auction and you had an 'Eggceptional time!


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