22 March 2010

just the Mad One checking in…

I just can’t believe I could get this far behind in one short week!

The weather was so beautiful this week

that I had to start an outside project.

But now,

I am behind

in reading




I plan to catch up starting now!

My brilliant idea

had to do with the walls of our mud-room.

We had the asbestos covered with Dry-Vit,

but not the mud-room.

I was thinking a sun room would be

very nice…

also very expensive.

So I painted the asbestos

thinking it would look…

I dunno…better?

Not really,

so, what to do???

Here comes the brilliant idea…


It should be a fun little project.

I have plenty of left-over tiles

and bits.

The second sentence is true.

The sentence that has the words

fun and little…

How about I change them to


(and not in an erotic way)

I think I may be half way finished.

Also, I might be totally done with Brilliant Ideas.

yeah, right


DSCN0784 DSCN0786 DSCN0785 DSCN0787


This is the smaller wall I haven’t started yet.

This is what I couldn’t bear

to rest my eyes on.

The other wall still needs some of this covered up.

And then the grout needs to be


from the Priti-ness.


everything is just fine here.

(everyone breathes a little easier when the Mad One has her hands busy)

Ok, I’m off to see what you

‘Normal Folk’

have been up to.

lots of long, hard, over-due HUGS

(((my friends)))



  1. Oh Mad One,
    I'm wondering now if you should have kept the cat.....(but I love him...) ;)

    Wow! What an amazing "fun little project" and what an astoundingly charming result so far! You must show more photos! You just happened to have all those unique tiles lying around as leftovers? Including the Moon and Sun? um Wow! (Again.)

    I thought you were talented before but I am blown away!

  2. Oh you did pick a project!!! but it does look a lot better. And don't give up your brilliant ideas, please!

    Big hug, Lisa

  3. Big and hard, but so worth it in the end, It's gonna be gorgeous! I'd probably have to take it over as the studio if it were mine, so many inspiring colors and textures!
    Definitely a brilliant idea!

  4. Dear Lisa,

    You are amazing creative woman,I like you project SO much!-)*

    You home like as a Wonderland,simply the palce whre you wil to be!!!

    Really like it!!!

    Much Love,


  5. Ok, I think I found you through Lisa. What a great project. Love the blog based on what I read so far. Hope you don't mind my following along.

  6. You HAVE been busy! How unique and wonderful the room is and you aren't even finished yet.


  7. I love what you've achieved so far Lisa!! You have so much patience for something that looks horribly fiddly, but obviously well worth the effort!!

  8. Lisa, you are so creative ~ you astound me with your ideas! What a project ~ no wonder you have been quiet lately! I really love this, don't forget to show us when it is finished. I can't believe you have all those goodies just "left over" lol!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment you left on my blog! I do love to write, at least as much as making pictures, comes from liking to read so much maybe.


  9. I like it. Are you grabbing teacups out of their hands and smashing them? Very Mad Hatter style if you are. :)Bea

  10. Cool Lisa. I've made tiles/ mosaics
    before and have always wanted to do a wall! Yay! For you!!!

  11. Oh i think it's a brilliant idea! Of course this is coming from someone who did her whole fireplace in mosaics. I have some other ideas brewing utilizing a ton of shards I have stored in my garage.
    When i do not know???
    Oh well, good luck with your project. What you have done so far is fabulous! I love it.

  12. Heavens To Betsy..I LOVE THIS IDEA! It's stunning! Lisa, you have such a remarkable mind of an artist..and with each new idea that I find blossoming over here at your place, it inspires me so very much. Now I want to learn to us Mosaics..this process would look fabulous in my garden area.

    I've enjoyed your recent pop overs to my place. I find myself waiting for you to appear. The joy and happiness in your messages keep me going. Creativity is hard row to tow sometimes..then at others..it's beyond description. I'm in the latter phase right now. My Muse is for sure taking mercy on me right now, and has been showing up every day this week. I'm taking it for all its worth because you just never know how long she'll stay.

    Oh..BTW..Your children's photo was the sweetest thing! Thank you for posting it. Your babygirl looks just like a mini-you. Precious angel..I can see her sweet spirit in her eyes. You ARE BLESSED Miss Lisa!

    Blessings, Love and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

  13. Oh you are a Mad One aren't you. Taking on a project like that this time of year. ;D It is looking nice.
    A (((BIG HUG))) to you!

  14. This is so freakin' cool! You ROCK!!


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