24 March 2010

Wild Things

I have been tagged

by my friend and teammate

Sweet Luthien !

It seems easy enough to accomplish.

mess 018

Here are my kids.

I will call it December, 2004.

It’s definitely nearly Christmas…you can see

the lame tree

on the right.

No presents, that’s the way we are.

Beautiful kids tho. 

My Wild Things.

Leo was 14 and Mia almost 11.

Leo is a Grown-up living on his own now.

The long hair is long gone.

Mia didn’t grow too much

She is taller with her Pointe shoes.

I Love them even more now!

So there it is

my time to tag you

any of you

it’s fun

if you don’t want to do it,


But I am tagging everyone.

Just check your picture…see what feelings it brings…

Here are the official rules: 

open your first photo file

scroll to the 10th photo

post the photo and the story behind it

tag 5 more people

Do it.

and Smile :)




  1. How fun! What a cute photo of your two darlings.
    I see the hair is in the genes.
    hugs to you sweet friend.

  2. oh your kiddos are darling! It's amazing how fast they grow up. This reminds me I was tagged too. Oh my I forgot to do it. Maybe next week.

  3. OMG!!! leo looks like a rock star and mia is just beautiful :)) what a great photo!! and thanks for playing along :)))

  4. wow!!! leo looks like a rock star!! and mia is just so sweet and beautiful :)) what a great photo it turned out to be! and hehehe ... thanks for playing along :))

  5. Cutie pies ,,,and I love your mosaic rom..it looks awesome!

  6. What a cute picture. You can really tell they are brother and sister. They look a lot alike. I love the mosaic wall. That looks very hard, but very interesting and well worth the trouble.


  7. So precious! Hair to die for! Your kids are beautiful!

    I think when a kid is all grown up, looking back on the early teenage years is the most poignant. Because there is such a huge change that took place.

  8. You have a beautiful family Lisa!
    My sons have left to live their own lives also.
    I miss them being young and all together. Well they are fully equiped to be themsleves!
    Loads of love to you all!



  9. This was wonderful and what gorgeous children you have!


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