14 April 2010


Thank you for the great advice from every one on the fence problem.
A lot of you told me to push it back to their side.
Tammy told me to eat a lot of chili and 'blow' it over!  LOLOL!
After asking the borough for help (pointless)
and waiting for the neighbors to fix it (again, pointless)
Monday evening, I sat on the patio.
I was looking at it as I sipped my chianti.
When the glass was empty
I stood up
went over to the fence

It felt good.
I can't say this looks any better.
Now I can see part of their yucky house.
What can I do about this?

Look at these creeps I bought Saturday.

They are waiting for their make-over.
Come back to see what happens.

Love to you
and have some creative fun today.
That's what I gonna do :>)


  1. looking forward to the transformation!

  2. Hey Miss! Yeah, that's kinda crazy about the fence. Really, you'd think the neighbors would notice their fence was leaning, huh?

    Looking forward to the made-over creeps!

  3. Sit the "creeps" on the top of the fence facing the neighbors, LOL!

    That said, I don't find them so creepy myself but I know I'm going to love them when you've finished turning them into your art.


  4. I can't wait to see what you do with these.

    I think you should send your neighbors some bad juju their way! *giggle*


  5. The only problem is going to be when they decide to tear it down and then you are left looking at the whole yard and house. sigh....

  6. Aren't fences shared? Since it is on your property line, can't you fix it even though THEY put it up?

    No doubt a lot of work but the only way I know that it would get fixed!

    Love the look of your side!

    Good luck!

  7. Yes, I agree with Bea. Don't push too hard or you might not have one at all. :O

    Can't wait to see how your little creeps turn out.


  8. I bet it felt good to shove that fence. :)

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the creeps.

  9. LOL...I like the idea of putting the creeps on the fence. Kinda 'creepy'!

  10. I love it, great solution- sweet and simple! Maybe your beautiful golden paint could accidentally ooze onto their house making it a wee bit less yucky......can't wait to see what you do with the creeps!

  11. How is it going with the creeps?!

    And I hope everything's going well with the neighbors. Too close for comfort...!

  12. Bonjour Lisa! Well, the fence is not priti but at least it is made of natural wood, not this ugly pvc that I hate so much !!! I would support it with a few pieces of wood and I would let it be covered with annual fast growing vines!!! HAPPY WEEKEND! LuLu

  13. Oh funny! So glad you got the courage to blow that fence over to the other side. Amazing what a little chianti will do! :)


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