11 April 2010

Fishy, Yucky and Sweet

Here she is,

my Tiger Lily Fish.


I painted her on a 18 x 14” canvas.

I think I will list her in my shop.

I took her picture on my outside wall,

and then I took this picture…


Look at my neighbor’s fence.

As I am trying to make our house priti,

their ugliness is seeping over.

It has been this way since Thursday.

Seriously, how inconsiderate and infringing are people allowed to be?



It’s another beautiful day

and I’ve got a date with some tiles…

See the tiles with the dolphins?

A very nice couple donated them.  They rescued them from a swimming pool repair, and now they are mine.

See?  For every yucky person,

there are 2 sweet people.

It’s the yin and yang of life.

Don’t forget to visit Inspiration Avenue.

I just got done posting everyone’s fishies :D

Hugs and Love,



  1. brilliant as always my fren!!! fish and post!! sorry i couldn't find the time to participate this week but you know what ... there are SOOOOOOOO MANY entries the emails keep pouring in!! i hope you're not gonna have too hard a time collecting all of them :)

    silly neighbours!!

  2. Gorgeous fish Lisa - I love the vibrant colours. I can see this as a wonderful illustration for a children's book!

    That fence is like the leaning tower of Pisa lol!

  3. Oh my goodness this fish is awesome.
    I hope so much do paint more of these, utterly, utterly beautiful!

    Your painting will be posted tomorrow. Sorry it as taken so long.
    I haven't been feeling great and walking about 100 yards have me feeling weak.
    So have asked Mark to get some extra dosh out of the bank so I can give Abi the parcel to the post office for me.
    Abi is back to her old self, she's even been to the fair.

    Sorry I haven't said before.



  4. I love your little whimsical fish! So happy, perfect for this gorgeous spring day!

    Sorry about your neighbors' fence. They are really encroaching on your priti-ness. Can you just give it a big shove in their direction?

    Thanks for doing the challenge this week! It was a fun one!

  5. OOOOOh I love TigerLily Fish. Very pretty, she is. I have to do something with fish for a swap I am in. I haven't been thinking fish but doors. Now I have to switch gears.
    Give the fence a shove in the other direction. Their problem not yours. You can say the wind did it or your rocker when you rocked backwards. :)Bea

  6. No matter WHAT you paint, your use of color is always glorious! I really like the "spirit" of your fish- he seems like a really happy guy, just going on his way and swimming with purpose (or is it porpoise?) anyway, I really like this!
    Oh and re the fence, maybe you could tile that too....? We have a similar one that has been with us for three years, I finally just let ivy grow all over it, so at least it's green:)

  7. Oh Lisa, this fish is beautiful!! Love it!
    The fence? Not so much. I guess I'd be calling local government and maybe see if they would contact the owner to repair? It's PRITI rude to invade thy neighbor's yard like that :)

  8. Beautiful Fishy! Wow, that is a sagging fence line if I ever saw one. I would be tempted to prop it up, but then they might think, ahhh, problem solved. You are right though, for every 1 bad there are a few really sweet people. :) Jennifer

  9. You must have been reading my mind, I was thinking about you. I'd send you some tiles, if shipping wasn't so expensive...love your tiger lily!
    Let me go look at the avenue!

  10. Oh your Fish is awesome! I'm so sorry i did not get to participate. I know I really have no good excuse. Everyone is busy and they manage to do the challenges. Oh well.
    I know how you feel about neighbors...We have a horrid fence next to us too. I should take a picture of it.
    So neat someone gave you those tiles. Have fun creating.

  11. Ahhh ... your fishy is beautiful! I love the colors and how vibrant he is!

    I spend a lot of time talking about the consequences of our actions ... usually I'm talking about how small, little actions can affect the environment. But your post reminds me that our actions also have consequences to those who live around us ... that thoughtlessness can ruin a neighbor's enjoyment of their property. In your lovely, positive way ... you also remind us that the flip side is true ... thoughtfulness can bring such joy.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the Dolphin tiles!

    Have a great day!

    Small Footprints

  12. Hi Lisa, just to confirm that your painting is posted via airmail yesterday. So shouldn't take to long.



  13. What a pretty little fishie! I know how you mean about being tired. I've been beat for the last two weeks. Still, it's because I am busy working (the stuff that pays the bills rather than the art!). I need to find the energy to pick up a paintbrush!

  14. I love this sweet Tiger Lily Fish...she is brilliant! Some people never get taught consideration but hopefully your neighbor will catch up! I am seriously still giggling to myself, though, after reading your last post! "shit or go blind" is a keeper!

  15. I love this sweet Tiger Lily Fish...she is brilliant! Some people never get taught consideration but hopefully your neighbor will catch up! I am seriously still giggling to myself, though, after reading your last post! "shit or go blind" is a keeper!

  16. Hi Lisa! I love your tiger lily fish. She is sooo priti. I also love the swim with purpose you added to her.

    Sorry to hear you have inconsiderate neighbors. Maybe the fence will fall the other way with a big gust of wind, if you know what I mean. :D Eat chili. lol Just kidding!

  17. I love this little fishy, all the colors and swirlly lines. I love tigerlilies. I can't wait until they start to bloom. This fish makes me think of those lovely koi fish.

    Maybe you can shove that fence back the other way? If I were there I would help you do it. :)


  18. Lisa, I love your paintings....well all of the work I've seen in your etsy shop and on your blog. Woohoo!
    Priti cool!

  19. Ahh Lisa..I'm truly lovin' your Tiger Lily Fish! My creative friend, you've sure been turning out some amazing pieces..and I can hardly wait to see the tile when completely in place.

    I've been in the studio all day. Just cleaned my brushes and after I sign off with you, I'm hittin' the sheets. Can barely feel the bottom of my feet. I'm working on what is turning out to be my very first Collage Piece. Using Oils versus Paper and as soon as I'm finished, I'll email you a peek.

    I'm telling you true, it's the highlight of my day to come check out your latest. Your positive energy just crackles and pops from your work, and it always gives me such encouragement! So Stay Sweet and Keep Pumpin' Out Your Fabulous Art! You bring such joy to the rest of us!

    Blessings, Love and Tuesday Moonshine, Terri

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