28 April 2010

Meet Rose

Please say hello to Rose.

She is like every other woman.

She has been hurt




Her face and body show signs of the difficulties of Life.

But not her soul.

She has a spirit glowing inside her.

She has faith.

She will survive.

Meet Rose.

She is a lot like you.



the broken go bravely on.



She is in my shop.

Thank you all

for everything.

Love, Lisa


  1. Hi,my dear Lisa and dear Rosa:-)*

    I know,I am a little bit the same,you are absoultely right,my sweet Friend and I LOVE her...
    Thank you for share,

    My Love and hugs,

  2. Oh what beauty! Your words and this wonderful piece of art are fabulous!
    How did you do this? I love her face/expression.

  3. She's wonderful Lisa! I love your description too! Such talent you have!!!

  4. I love Rose already and I have just barely met her!

    She looks like she will Never Give Up! No matter what!

  5. An inspiring lady. She's wonderful, Lisa.

  6. She's just beautiful!!! Both in appearance and well, her inside. Her description. I just love her!

    And for my fabric sketchbook, yes I made it. I used about a half yard of plain muslin; ripped to about 11 X 14. I then gesso'd both sides. at first I thought I'd sew one side. But then I decided to do it simpler and just attached with brads.

    I carry a sketchbook with me all the time. And the hardbound store-bought sketchbooks get so heavy after a while. After I made this, I don't think I'll ever go back to those. This is so simple. And if I love the results I just remove it from the book and stretch my own canvas. :)

  7. Oh wow, I love her expression and the way her hands just seem to be expectant that something wonderful is about to happen....and the way she looks like she's floating on air.....wonderful!

  8. Rose is lovely indeed. Your description is so perfect, you should write it on the back of her (or anyhow put it somewhere with her).


  9. You rock,girl !!! LOVE her.. I love your background glass O' vino too !

  10. dear lisa,
    thank you for your radiant and loving heart!! your stunning frida shrine has transformed the lives of countless children!!i am thrilled that you joined this years shrine "gallery of hope".
    i am already looking forward to next year and hope you will come along!!

    love and appreciation,

  11. Brave,courageous,hanging in there, looking beautiful,like you,Rose.
    Hope to join you on Inspiration Ave. and at blog party very soon.

  12. oh! love your Rose and your vino AND your header!! you have been busy! xx's


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