02 April 2010

I am…



For 30 years

I played a part.

I was a server and a bartender.

I was always pretending.

I was cheerful

and helpful

and comforting.

I knew everyone

and they all thought they knew me.

I am thankful those days are behind me.

I can take off that false-face.



I am not apparent.

I keep a lot of my thoughts and feelings

to myself.

I am a secret.

This is my piece for Inspiration Avenue.

Happy Easter



PS: She is in my shop :)

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  1. Happy Easter back to you dearheart! I hope it is a wonderful holiday for you! xo

  2. Even without the masks and the clothes the real self stay protected within. :)Bea

  3. love your painting Lisa ! is it acrylics ?
    a very Happy Easter to you !

  4. I just adore you :)

    Here's to another wonderful creation!

    Happy Easter Sweet Lisa,

  5. What a beautiful piece ... and I adore the sentiments behind it! We are so many people ~ someone different to each person in our life. This piece reminds us that there is a very special, private person inside ~ "I".

    Thanks for sharing this special piece with us!

    Have a great weekend!

    Small Footprints

  6. Lisa...this piece is REALLY gorgeous! I love the checkered background. Thank you for always leaving a kind word..I appreciate you dear one...and hope you have a great Easter weekend! xxx

  7. Wow! Lisa I love this piece! It has great colors and I love the harlequin pattern in the background. She is beautiful. Have a wonderful and sunny weekend.

  8. oh wow!!!! this is a splendid piece!! and i love the thoughts behind it! you rock!

  9. OMG what an unique piece of art. This looks beautiful. Love them.

  10. Oh,my Godness!!!-)*

    Beautiful,fantastic piece and these words behind are SO fabulous...

    Love you post,my dear freind!!!

    Wish you very pretty Easter weekend,Lisa!-)))*

    May you Easter basket be filled with much sweet things...

    Much Love,


  11. I love this painting. I am always such a fan of black and white checks and diamonds ~ the background is so cool. But I love the woman with her mask and half-hidden behind the sunflower! The thought behind it is great ~ we can always choose what we show to others.

  12. That's a brilliant painting Lisa. The frame sets it off perfectly along with that dramatic background. Bet it sells real quick...

  13. Lisa - you are a true artist and a poet; I love this.

    Happy Easter to you hon! x

  14. Lisa, this is just lovely and the words are fabulous and so true. I also love your header - it's quite beautiful. Happy Easter to you.

  15. Another beautiful piece Lisa! I'm so glad you are sharing some of your secret self with us!

  16. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

  17. Hello, I am new to your blog and I really appreciate the time and warm sentiments behind your words!
    I adore true art, and I am drawn into the faces of your muse. Is it the same girl each time, and are you that girl??? Each piece is exquisite...I must buy one!!!
    I am following you now, so I can see what else you have to give!
    Just brilliant!

  18. This is an amazing piece Lisa!! I love your poetry too. Happy Easter!

  19. Oh Lisa..I'm absolutely loving this piece! Love the poetry as well! Friend, your work is blossoming into such a wonderful place in my heart. Here's wishing you and everyone you love, the Happiest Easter Ever!

    Blessings, Love and Sunshine, Terri

  20. She's beautiful Lisa and so are you!

  21. my fren :)
    thank you so much for the e-card you sent me! i was deeply touched by your words... oh man ... i dunno what to say! i'm so glad that fate has brought us together in bloggie land and i really really treasure your friendship :)
    luthien :)

  22. Oh Lisa I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. Love this beautiful work!! Taking off that false face is a big step. I still work for authenticity. Sometimes I slip...because I still try to please people. It is a process.
    Love to you

  23. Hey Girlie! I loved doing " If I were... ! My bloggie friend Tara had it posted on her blog Paris Parfait. I thought it was so cool. Normally I don't do those, but this one is great. Feel FrEe t o use it and pass it on. I answered each one with the first answer that popped in my head. Have fun!

  24. This is so beautiful- I love everything about it- her expression, the pose and the mask, together it is outstanding!

  25. This painting is gorgeous. My favorite. I guess because it has so much meaning to you and to the viewer. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. It's hard for me to share my real feelings too.
    It takes a lot of courage. It's not easy. So good for you.


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