18 April 2010

Wings to Fly

Do you remember the Creeps from my last post?

(not the neighbors, the dolls)

One of them is ready to show off her surgery.


Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

This new Frida is my entry for this week’s challenge:

Magical Transformations.

It was a transformation of magic

and blood

and sweat

but I managed without any tears.

Her ‘sister’ isn’t ready to be seen yet.

I always seem to over-estimate myself.

Every project seems to take me twice the time I imagine.

One day, I am sure I will surprise myself

and just ‘whip up a masterpiece’

Visit inspiration Avenue and see more magic.

Mia and I have a project planned for today.

I am excited to spend time with her,

some flowers,

and pantyhose.

Yep,  pantyhose.

Check back.




  1. Oh, I love her, Lisa. She is a magical transformation, indeed. Can't wait to meet Mia.

  2. I love her Lisa, she's absolutely gorgeous!!

    I know exactly what you mean about under-estimating the time things will take - that's probably why my challenge entry is always at the last minute! - but she was worth it!

    The pantyhose project sounds very intruiging - another transformation about to take place??

  3. Lisa
    Wow! She is AWESOME!
    You are magic!!!

    I also like how the angel on your house stands above the pushed over fence.

  4. No, she does not need feet! And what a lot of mystery she has bottled up inside! Quite an improvement over the Creeps. I love her priti face!


  5. A most intriguing and magical piece my friend.
    You know I always get confused with Americanisms... now pantyhose... are we talking tights or knickers here? Either way, I'm intrigued

  6. ClAp! CLap,,CLAP! I love what you did to the creeps! Awesomely awesome. I was thinking about what you could do with that fence~y problem.. What about getting some huge potted trees.plants and sort of making your own row of beauty along the fence.

  7. Pantyhose? You guys going out? Flowers? You guys going out?
    Very curious......you guys going out? :)Bea

  8. wow! this was pretty masterful Lisa!! and so imaginative and beautiful!! love to you dear!!

  9. oh my!! what a brilliant creation! your creative mind amazes me all the time ... would love to go in and see the ideas swirling around :)

  10. Wow....no trace of the original creep at all. She is so gorgeous! I love all of the symbollism in her box. Can't wait for more...: )

  11. okay, just add my WOW here, lisa... she is fabulous!!! xo

  12. Hello,dear Lisa!-)*

    This is SO great transformation...
    LOve her,she is really pretty!-)))*

    You have beautiful creative mind,my dear friend!

    Much Love,

  13. wow, she is amazing Lisa. Everything I do takes more time than I think it will do. Cooking, sewing, gardening, ATCs!! I thought it was just me. Anyway, she's fabulous.

  14. She is gorgeous, I love the expression on her face so confodent and serene at the same time. And of course, I love that she's Frida- wonderful of you to give her wings!

  15. Excellent. So much more interesting than a creep. Can't wait to see what the panty hose are going to turn into.


  16. This piece is fabulous. You do Frida so well.
    Hope you had a great time with Mia.
    Pantyhose???? Some place very special comes to my mind.....maybe tea for two.

  17. Love here and I di not see creepy either.

  18. This is a BEAUTIFUL assemblage! Just love it! Your Frida is amazing, the image she carries too... Bravo! Hugs, LuLu

  19. What an amazing transformation, Lisa! Not just the doll, but YOU! I am floored by how you've leaped and bounded and grown so much just in the short time I've know you here. You are an inspiration!
    xoxo lulu


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