10 May 2010

As long as I am busy, I am productive????

One is not idle because one is absorbed.
There is both visible and invisible labor.
To contemplate is to toil, to think is to do.
The crossed arms work, the clasped hands act.
The eyes upturned to Heaven are an act of creation.

-Victor Hugo

My favorite-est quote.

I've been a busy ballerina mom.
Away all weekend for 5 performances and a lot of waiting.
Plenty of time to contemplate.
Gardening all day today.
Tons of brilliant ideas in my head.

One more picture,
This one I took from our haunted hotel room.
Forgive me, I am not a photographer, but I am a steeple lover.

And always...Love.


  1. hey! i was just over at cat's where i commented right below you... that was the nicest thing you said about me!! you sweet woman! thank you! i feel the same about you...

    here we all are, spreading the love...

    and speaking of love, i love this quote by victor. i think i will write it in my moleskine...


  2. Oh gosh...I think I may be a steeple lover too : )

  3. Love the new pic of you dressed up like frida! Have missed being around and seeing what you create! xo Michele

  4. LOL I love to take pictures of them too! This is a nice grouping.
    Haunted? Did we hear about that?
    You're a good Mommy. I remember going to all those rehersals and shows and swimmeets and soccer games and b-ball games and softball games and.........well, I'm just happy to read about YOU doing it now. Pictures? :)Bea

  5. Oh,my dear Lisa:-)*
    I look always forward for you always brilliant ideas,my very,very creative Friend!!!


  6. Haunted hotel room? I'd love to hear *that* story- please do tell! And I really like the photo as well, you should use it for your work! Or is this your submission for "architecture"?
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day and lots of garden fun!

  7. I do love that quote. Very zen-like.

    Gosh where in the world were you to be among all those steeples? It has a European look (but not old enough I guess), but then I realized our town is crammed full of churches, and if you got that high up you might see something similar! Really cool photo!

  8. I love any place that is haunted. I stayed in a haunted castle in France while taking a sculpture class..it was a very interesting month! I even wrote a book about it!

    The steeple picture conjurs up a dracula like atmosphere. I just love it. As Stephanie said, you would do well by entering it into the architecture challenge.

    As mothers, we certainly do a lot of waiting don't we. And...it seems to go on throughout life. But, that is all part of it...

    Catch you again soon!


  9. Oh, I am adding that quote to my journal. Glad you've been having fun, my friend!

  10. Great shot of the steeples, like someone else said it has a European feel to it.


  11. I came with Lynne, just looks like I'm late!! it was the sweetest thing that you said about us both! and I agree with her I am writing that down in my journal, just awesome and bet you make a great ballerina Mom, wish I had had one!! ooh and that steeple photo is just fab!!

  12. Victor Hugo....Did you know that people stood outside his apt window and applauded him regularly?
    Love the photos. Both would make beautiful paintings.

  13. Cool photo, loved how your wrote ballerina mom!
    Loads of love to you Lisa, busy lovely mom!



  14. That is a beautiful and very thought-provoking quote Lisa! I've never heard it before, thanks so much for sharing it :)

    And I beg to differ with "I'm not a photographer" - gorgeous images !

  15. That's a great quote. And you know I must be a steeple lover too, but I think I like taking pictures of the whole church just the same.
    I agree with Angie me thinks you are a great photographer. That is a gorgeous shot.


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