05 May 2010





Yesterday, I was busy sending real mail,

and I have to say,

I was a wee bit jealous of some of the names of places and streets.

Yew Tree Road

Orange Street

Sea Lawn Drive

Emerald Condo

Prospect Heights

and my favorite

Merry Hill.

Here I am on Railroad St.

It is as busy, loud and dirty as it sounds.

I’m not complaining.

Just noticing things.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday…pretty word, too…

L0ve, Lisa


  1. Railroad Street, hmmmm, brings to mind the SILVER BULLET, beautiful art decorated boxcars rumbling by, train watching, four engines and 100 train cars pulling things from one part of the world to another. I love trains. I have my OWN model train set. sigh :)Bea

  2. Those are cool names. But so is Railroad St. Besides the noisiness it brings to mind adventure, possibilities, wandering the lands.

  3. appreciation is always good! Prospect Heights sounds nice too!! but we could have a great glass of vino and a delicious Italian dinner on Merry Hill!! xo
    ps thanks in advance for the promotion of my classes! you are so dear!

  4. I grew up on Happy Valley Road and DH lived on Maple Street!
    have a great day!
    thanks for the memory jog!

  5. Don't you love how words come together to create such magical phrases? I love words. And music lyrics put me over the moon.

    BTW your blog is one of my daily stops now. I am enchanted by it. ♥♥

  6. Have to say I love my street name. We call our hourse the Yellow House on Orange Street - colorful and bright !
    Aren't words THE best?
    Have a good night (like that word too), Lisa !

  7. I'm laughing at all the comments and your post... they are all so positive. Railroad St. huh? sorry, it conjures up my young and stupid days in rural Kentucky where I lived with my then boyfriend and now husband in a trailer (I know... ) and you could throw a rock hard and reach the tracks. Train went through there at least about 3 or 4 times a day (and night) my china cabinet would rattle.

    funniest street, well really they are called roads in KY, was Lickskillet. his grandma lived down that one. not far from Possum trot. No, I'm not making this up... haha So now, Railroad street isn't so bad now, huh?

  8. Haha, what about Center Avenue? Makes Railroad St. sound very imaginative. Our street runs smack dab through the middle of our neighborhood, so in case no one noticed that, they decided to point it out for all eternity.

    I received my lovely, lovely card today! You are so amazing and thoughtful. What a gem you are! Thank you Priti.Lisa!


  9. Some of the streets/roads around here-Deerlick, Suger Hollow, Turkey Ridge, Pennyroyal St., Can Sells Road, But I think my favorite is Running Pumpkin Road. (?)I just get this vision of a herd of pumpkins with little legs running down the road.

    I have lived near railroads and now I live near an airport. I love the noise-the sound of trains and planes. I would be nuts in total silence. I guess it's just the city girl in me.

  10. Hey thyere! I know Prospect Heights! Can't wait...hehehe

    Hope you have a great mothers day Lisa...watch a little grey gardens.

  11. My Dad was a Railroad man. I grew up in Santa Fe RR housing near the tracks. Your street name brings up excellent memories, train whistles, playing in boxcars, train rides, hobos,childhood adventures.
    I now live on Reade Ave...and tend to read a lot.

  12. Funny you should say that... I live in a beautiful Gulf Coast town and all the streets have cool names like Tropical... Buccaneer....Pirate Cove. .... all thover the place and then you get to my street....... I live on Johnson St. Mwaaaa!

  13. ps: It's 3:pm and I am into the Pinot Grigio....already

  14. Do you know how awesome you are? You made my day. I got a wee something in the mail that warmed my heart. You are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful human beings I have ever known.

    It's definitely the unexpected things that make my heart sing :)

    Thank you dear Lisa from the bottom of my heart.


  15. p.s. I think Railroad Street is a pretty cool name for a street...I skip down it any day and a tutu, stripey tights and motorcycle boots!



  16. That was great, I do pass by streets with nice names and wish I lived on that st...but then it passes! Your ST reminds me of the game monopoly, I always had to buy the railroads first! power, wealth, etc, that's what the word railroad means to me! but I guess that was back in the day...

    be well, Lisa

  17. Oh gosh I'm laughing at Lulu's ps comment! What a nut! :))
    She is so cute.
    By the way thanks so much for my card. You are so sweet.
    It was so nice to hear from you in the mail. So thoughtful! I've been so busy with that porch I have not had time to be creative or thoughtful.
    Hope you had a great Mothers Day!


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