13 May 2010

the Eighth House

In astrology, the eighth house is most notably associated death.
There is an ancient spiritual saying that reminds us:

Death is but a change of form, Life is immortal.

Death comes not only physically,
but also psychologically and spiritually.

Life is nothing but a series of small "deaths" and "rebirths"

It is the journey of Personal Growth that is our purpose in Life.

I painted Botticelli's Venus
on a house shaped wood canvas
added a number 8
and an aged pedestal.
The sides are pages from a vintage dictionary.

She will be in my shop.

Thank you for visiting.



PS: This is my entry for Architecture
This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue
Click the link and join the fun :)


  1. Incredible.
    Love her.
    You are so talented.

  2. Lisa,

    I've never seen anyone add dictionary pages to the siding of their paintings before. This is a wonderful addition to your collage. I love the verse that you wrote and the eyes of your fantastic lady are especially intriguing. This one should sell fast.

    Hugs xxoo

  3. Love this, Lisa. You have made such a beautiful painting and I love the house. Brilliant inspirations you have.



  4. Always looks so good Lisa : )

    Hope you are well and have found a good amount of time to do art : )

    Hugs to you

    Lisa D.

  5. I like your thought process and how you expressed the ideas through your art. Great!


  6. Anther beautiful piece!

    There must be something in my 8th house these days. :(
    I like your focus and the immortality and rebirth though. :)

    I like the use of dictionary pages as well!


  7. Lisa, I love, love, LOVE this- I think it's my favorite of all our work!
    BTW, I keep forgetting to thank you for th card you sent- it really brightened an otherwise grim Day- thanks!

  8. She's beautiful, well done. :)Bea

  9. Oh, Lisa, it's just gorgeous. How do you come up with these pieces? You're an artist genius, that's how. Thanks for spreading the beauty and the inspiration.

  10. love this! she's beautiful and i love the addition of the pedistal, text and number 8.

  11. ok... i'm breathless. she is divine, with the words around her, words from ancient pages creating new life
    your art shows why we love art

  12. Love this one, Lisa! I have always loved this painting. It is heartening to see a positive to death. I may be dealing with it again soon.


  13. what a beautfiful Venus! and such a great creation! you really rocked this Lisa!
    writing something about me??? aww!!! let me know which art pieces you want and I will be glad to send photos or I give you permission to take what you want to use! xoxox cat

  14. I can't tell you how much I love this - both the actual art and the thought behind it. It's stunning. It actually made me go "ooooh! out loud!
    Angie x
    PS I love the quote at the top of your page - it reminds me of another one I love - "we are not bodies with a soul, but souls with a body".

  15. Wow, this is just brilliant. There's something special about Venus... Love the sides of the block. So much imagination!

  16. Excellent thinking outside the box!
    Love it!

  17. aaah your creativity is amazing
    your realness to art is awesome.
    Putting this in your store?

  18. This is beautiful Lisa! I love the idea of death being a rebirth ~ I believe that's true! The house shape is perfect!

  19. You impressed me always,sweetheart Lisa:-)))*You have incredibly inspirational mind and delightful soul,my beautiful virual Friend...

    Love this post very much!-)*

    Thank you so much for you beyond lovely comments!!!


  20. Another WOW Lisa! This piece is stunning.I love everything about it. AND I learned something. Did not know about the eighth house. The meaning behind this art is so special. This is great for the challenge as well.You go girl.


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