28 May 2010

I am a Mess

Sometimes I feel so
I don’t think I can keep up.
Everyone else is so pretty and so nice.
And so organized and
Here I am in my Priti Studio:
Honestly, it’s a pig sty.
You might remember when Leo moved out last summer.
I took his bedroom as my art space.
Still, there are Nirvana posters and guitars and….
mostly my own mess.
I have  very special things that I am not able to enjoy fully…
The point is:
I want to be honest and show you
and tell you
and shame myself into
being better, I guess.
For now, Let’s play  Where’s Waldo.


Do you see the Ab-Lounge? 
Nice shelf, right?
Do you see a vacuum cleaner?
Can you see my coveted Art Blocks from Lisa D.
The shrine I made for my dead father?
How about my little wine cup from Italy?
I see it on the table, in front of the little basket.
I was looking all over the house for that guy.
(Lucky for me, I have 3 others )
See the guitars?
It’s terrible, I know.
But it is ME.
For now.
How do I clean this up?
The rest of the house is fine.
It is my special—
“waited my whole life for this”
that is out of control
effed up
and shameful.
So..there is the truth about me.
My big secret.
I do go in there ALL of the time.
I agree with myself to clean it up.
I do.
A spot big enough for me to plop down in and create.
What do you do about a girl named Lisa?



  1. Lisa, you beautiful art Goddess!
    Your room looks like you have been creating with lots of passion!
    My dinning room is the same as this.
    Somedays I just pop my head around the door and cannot face going in. Then another I think Julie get that room sorted and you'll feel better.
    I go in with bags.
    I will take a photo and show you.
    Don't worry or feel bad. It is your creative fun side that as created these heaps. Without that free creativity you wouldn't create the special art you do. It is special! VERY!
    All my love to you!


  2. All I see are possibilities - and a guitar or two. Your work is wonderful so if this is what keeps your creativity going then I say let it stay as it is.


  3. Lisa, clutter goes with the territory. It's all a part of being an artist. Whenever I post pictures of anything in my studio, I do a close-up shot so that only that item shows to my readers. If I did a full blown photo of my Atelier, it would make yours look completely organized. I barely can walk into my studio and I am so afraid I'm going to fall on something in there and get hurt. Just like you, I have items in there that I am longing to get to and enjoy..oh where oh where is my wood burning tool? Oh where or where is my drill? So..know that you are not alone.


  4. oohh, my beautiful Lisa, we all have creative chaos in the studio... so go in and clean it up and give us a studio tour!! you make the best videos!! would love to have a tour! I think you are so brave to show it in the creative state that it is in!! wonderful U!!
    ps.. I would pop over and help you but we would need some vino!! : )

  5. lisa sweetie ... there is no shame at being an artist at all :) and the mess that comes with being one ;) i am 109% sure that every artist's space looks just like yours ... do you wonder how i knew? LOL!!! as long as your other spaces are fine (can't even say that for myself!!) i think there is certainly no shame!! and i'm sure that bedroom has a door right? ;)

  6. LOL...We need a big ole mess to be able to create. It is our space and I think we should be exactly the way that we feel comfy in it. Looks great to me.

  7. See how many people have identical chaotic spaces? And these are just the ones who admit it!

    Funny you should bring this up ~ the other day my hubby accused me of being like those people on the A&E show, Hoarders. What?!? I was very insulted. I'm not that bad, it's just that he has been turning into Martha Stewart the older he gets. But I did clean up a little the next day, so I can't show you how bad it WAS.

    Stay just the way you are! You're perfect, Priti Lisa!

  8. Oh Lisa, honey, it's not that bad. Clutter is the sign of creative genius, you know. If you want to clean it, then clean it. If you don't, then don't. But don't assume you have to keep it clean. So long as you can create art and be happy, nothing else matters.

    Now, take a deep breath and go have a glass of wine. ;-)

    ♥♥ Chris

  9. I love this
    I am sitting in a cahotic room right now I did promise hubby I would work on it this weekend. LOL I am working on sitting here in front the computer at the moment where everything is organized and in it's right place.. LOL on the computer. Should I post a pic of my mess????
    LOL same here as to the rest of the house os fine this is the artsy room~laudry~ computer hehehe

  10. My studio looks much the same a lot of the time. One thing I did do recently was buy a new set of dresser drawers at a consignment store to contain a lot of the clutter. On top of that dresser is the one place that I always keep tidy - I made it into my altar of sorts, where I keep arty gifts from friends, my bowl full of heart shaped rocks, a nice candle, some treasures from my travels and a little easel where I can stand my art journal up at the end of the day to admire what I created. The rest of the space gets to be a big mess - somehow the 9 foot table becomes 6 inches of work space ! But that altar stays clean and it just for me ! I think it is beautiful.
    Maybe you could start there with those things that you love ? As for the rest of it, it is really all good. I like to remember that on the day I die, there will probably still be messes to clean up and laundry that needs washing, but I will have enjoyed creating it all !
    I hope this weekend has some yummy just for you time, Lisa !
    Cheers !

  11. Dear dear Lisa,

    If only you could see my office! You are not alone.

    I have actually cleaned up my chaos several times but it keeps coming back. (sigh)

    When I do get it uncluttered, what does work for me is small batches, 3 square feet at a time (with a glass of wine) (once there is a flat space so the wine doesn't spill) (I hate when it spills!)


  12. Lisa, my "art mess" has moved from my little studio, to a vanity in the youngun's room, to an table in living room, and onto kitchen table. It's a wonder if I can find anything. And organized? Ah! That word means nothing to me. lol

    (I'm not entirely to blame for the mess. Sometimes Barney has a cat fit and decides my stuff looks good on the floor.)

  13. Looks familiar. I have one just like that!!! Sometimes it's fun to make art out of whats on top. If you want to add beads you may have to dig a little.

  14. What do you do for a girl named Lisa? Well, I know that question well my friend. We're all the same. How can we create and stay neat? It just doesn't happen. We need to spread ourselves about a bit to allow the creativity to flow. Sometimes it overwhelms me too and I sink into a black mood - and I don't even have a special room... mine spills all over the dining table, around the floor, into the kitchen... Instead of looking at the mess, look at the output and be happy :)

  15. Lisa Dahling,
    I ADORE your creative messiness! I have a room and 1/2 (it's spilling over to my husband's space..he has given up)LOL.
    It's the one room in the house I don't have to clean up. It's all mine. I walk in, take and deep breath,and all the world is good.
    If I cleaned it up, I would never find a thing!

  16. What do you do about a girl named Lisa? That's easy- since we're all artists, we accept her, and understand her and acknowledge that with creating, comes a MESS! You know we all love you, right?

  17. so interesting to read all the comments of other messy artists...

    Magpie, I am so addicted to that hoarders show and wonder if my husband has called A&E to get me on an upcoming show.

    still they do say cluttered house, cluttered mind. man that's the truth for me! hahahahahaha as I slip into right brained madness.


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