16 May 2010

I would like to introduce you to a friend.
Do you know a little goddess named Caterina?
I know some of you know Cat and her blog
La Dolce Vita
She is a magical sort of artist.
Every piece evokes serenity, a calmness,
a place to rest your soul.

Her paintings

and her collage

and her little books
tied with gossamer thread

just looking
is like receiving a kiss.
She has some on-line classes beginning June 1.

And while I am giving you places to go
and things to see...
This extraordinary artist and teacher
purchased my shrine at the Oaxaca Auction.
I was very flattered by her post.
Pop-in and thank her for me, will you.
Hope your day is wonderful!
Mia and I are walking to get get some brunch...it's a beautiful day!


  1. oh you are simply the best!! this looks so good! I love the pieces that you chose! I am just so honored that you chose to feature my work! what a dear friend you are! sending hugs and smoochlets to you on this sunday and hoping it is as bright and sunny for you as your light and love is for us! ciao bella! xx's

  2. Lisa, Cat is a doll. Her work is beautiful as is her spirit.
    Your work is bright and colourful as is your spirit.

  3. Lisa, your heart shrine looks like it was made for JonesMoore. This is such beautiful news.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful message, it warmed my heart. I felt what you was feeling while reading, with sunshine!

    Hope you have a brilliant arty time!



  4. Thanks for the introduction to this artist, her work looks AMAZING! I'm popping over to visit het now.....

  5. I enjoyed both sites and bookmarked them so I can return and prowl through the archives.



  6. Oh wow Lisa this is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. I'll pop over and take a peek. Her work looks fabulous.

  7. La Dolce Vita is wonderful. Thank you for sharing her beautiful work.
    How did you know I wiped my hands on the curtains?

  8. the collage is amazing -thanks for introducing this artist to me. And congrats on the sale.


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