23 May 2010


Here's a question:
If they can put a man on the moon,
why can't they

a.  put them all there.
b.  have wireless Internet service without wires.
c.  both answers seem reasonable.

My wireless computer is wired to the wall and still has connection problems.

Here is my answer to this week's challenge
I took inspiration from some of my very favorite artists
and used a menagerie of materials.

This painting has a lot of meaning,
and here is when I would usually tell you what they are.
But, maybe it's better
if I let each person decide for themselves.
I have to stop being so bossy.

the router or modem
or whatever the problem is will be fixed tomorrow.
Then I will visit all of you.
It's just too frustrating right now.

other good stuff,


  1. Wow Lisa! Amazing, Amazing Amazing. Love your new haircut.


  2. my immediate thought was sisterhood! i love this melange! btw, i had a little panic this am as i was collecting the results... a power outage which when it happens is typically at least 5-6 hours or up to a day or two. i grabbed my phone (which i never use to email) & called out help to shel. a miracle.... it was only about 2 hours so here i am back to work! dang technology... can't live without it!

  3. Wow Lisa this is so beautiful, soft and strong at the same time. It feels quite poignant to me, their expressions as they gaze out and how they are supporting each other.

    I can certainly see at least a couple of your influences here(Klimt in particular)but your painting style is your very own. Gorgeous!

  4. Lisa you are developing such a beautiful style. This painting is awesome!

  5. Sorry you are having computer problems. I would loan you my nephew to fix it, but that might be just alittle far to go.
    This is a really nice piece, Lisa. They look so secure and peaceful together.
    Bossy? You? hehe. Comes from being a mom.

    Hugs, Kelly

  6. That's what I love about Malange,and art in general ~ beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each have their own interpretation. Nice colors and drawing!

  7. OK, here's another new favorite of mine- and when I saw that you included Frida and Klimt two of my faves....WOW! I love this, and there are no other words for it. GOrgeoUs!!!

  8. These two ladies are absolutely stunning, Lisa. I love them.
    Sorry about the wireless snafoo - I am lucky enough to have a competer geek hubby to sees to such things for me. I am glad I found him and that he is not on the moon. ;)
    Happy Sunday evening and may Monday bring better stuff.

  9. beautiful piece, ethereally stylized... love the white mist swirling through! I want to get your package out tomorrow and will email you when it is in the post, mille grazie again for everything!! xoxo cat
    good luck with the wireless thingy ...oh and you are not bossy!! was that bossy?LOL!!!

  10. Is it you and Frida? There is love and sexuality in this. Fantastic.

  11. Beautifully done. I enjoyed going to the "Inspiration" site and seeing everyone's contributions.


  12. i feel the LOve and warmth, the security of women understanding one another sexually and sense-ually.

  13. I love it! Your work is just stunning. The colors and the expressions are exquisite.

    I hope your computer issues don't last too long. I know how frustrating they can be!

  14. Love the "girls". I didn't have a server for an entire day last Sunday. Then on Monday, nothing would happen because Windows kept telling me that my computer was infected. My spyware didn't find anything. Windows seemed to want to sell me spyware. sigh......It finally gave up after running programs and cleaning things. This little machine is sometimes a LOT of work. :)Bea

  15. Such contentment in their faces.

  16. I love this new look! the style is so beautiful!

  17. Having just spent a week by the sea, I've been thinking a lot about mermaids. OK, so I didn't actually see any but I did sketch a couple, so lovely to come back and see yours! Beautiful painting my friend!


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