03 May 2010

Mosaic Wall and the Winners

Finally, on Friday, I finished the mosaic walls!
I finished the tile and grout on Thursday and Friday was scrubbing and polishing.
probably the most tedious part.

I am mostly happy with it,
but like everything else, I can always nit-pick.

I have lots of pictures that you can click on
or just skip to the bottom if you want
and see if you won one of the pendants :0

As you can guess, I want new chairs.
Turquoise would be fun.
I would paint these, but they are rickety.

My prize tile is my Virgin Mary face.

Can you see the grout I couldn't scrub off?
Grrr..I am not done trying yet.

A couple years ago I scavenged boxes of tile from a business that was closing.
Not a lot of the same tile.
I tiled my kitchen floor and it is like a patchwork quilt.
Then I tiled the back splash and counter top.
Now I have finally used them all
and lots of broken treasures.

I am a hoarder.
But eventually, I use it.
A whole corner of my basement is clear!!!

And finally.
Thank you to all 26 commenter's
you really know how to make me smile ;D
I wanted to do something creative to pick the winners...
I thought about putting all the names in the toilet and flushing,
but this would be the one time it flushed properly.
So, I did a random pick
Angie  and Kim
Both of these ladies have great blogs.
Click on their links and tell them for yourself.

Love to You All,


  1. Lisa you are an amazing, amazing artist. Such detail and beauty. I love your wall!!


  2. Holy Moly that's a lot of beautiful tile work. You did an outstanding job.

    Congrats to the prize winners (cute video).


  3. That is gorgeous girl! Thanks so much for stoppng by my blog :)

    Aandy xox

  4. Oh, I just love looking at all your hard work. What fun it would be to just stand there and see what treasures you put in the tile. LOVE IT! :)Bea

  5. Awww, I guess I missed the party. I love your tile wall. It is oh so interesting. Your wine background is perfect for you! You look very cute in your flower hat. Have a wonderful day!


  6. I love your mosaic house! I've done a lot of it too..I love the combination of colors you chose (I guess they chose you since you were given a lot of it) I'll bet you have the most creative house on the block!

  7. okay my friend... WOW. such beauty--i am inspired

  8. What are you great talented,dear Lisa!!!-)*
    I LOVE you amazingly beautiful,colorful ispirational wall...OMG,how wonderful she is:-)*

    My hugs and love for you,

  9. Lisa
    Your wall is incredible.
    You have worked hard and made something really beautiful!
    Love it!
    I feel unworthy because I went to the blog party and wasn't prepared. Just wanted to do something with Inspiration Ave. There were so many wonderful tutorials....next time I bring something good.

  10. HEY YOU ARTIST YOU WOW I WANT YOU TO COME TO MY HOUSE wow I think you should put these on some artist sights!!!!!!!!

  11. That wall is incredible. I like the grout that you cannot remove, gives it a little... remembrance. You are a doll, love your sense of humor.

  12. Oh this is SO gorgeous, thank you for putting so many pictures in- I enlarged each and every one so as to not miss anything! I love the Virgin Mary, but my faves (if I had to choose which is HARD- 'cause I love it all!) are the Frida detail, the blue bottles lining the window- you should do a bottle tree to go with....and the "cheers" section. But, like I said, I LOVE it all! How hard would it be to do something similar with a table?

  13. What an imaginative and gorgeous way to create something so unique. You're a rock star!

  14. Wow wow wow - the wall is awesome. Reminds me of some wonderful pieces I saw in Mexico like that but with your own flare and your own stroy behind the tiles included in it. So cool !
    Thanks again for the giveaway pendant prize. I think I won because I am such a good egg. ;) Oh, and I like puns.
    Congrats on a beautiful job completed, Talented One !

  15. Goodness Gracious Gerdy! LOVE this project..just LOVE IT! For some reason I popped over today and so glad I did. Lisa..I soooo lovveee this project! You did a FABULOUS JOB! So unique and fibrant! Oh how I wish I knew how to tile!

    Yeah..I think turquoise chairs would be wonderful! A glass of wine..cool breezes..good friends..

    You have such vision and enthusiasm! That was such a large scale project and you never lost your rhythm..Every piece looks like it was meant to be where it was placed!

    I could go on and on..but I think you truly get my excitement! I've waited so long to see a glimpse of your mosiac work, and now I'm just
    so moved.

    BTW..I'm one to hold onto something too..and just like you, eventually I end up using whatever it might have been. Grates my husband's last nerve that I save almost everything I think would come in handy one day.

    Again..Kudos on this wonderful project! It's stunningly beautiful!

    Blessings, Love & Thursday Sunshine, Terri

  16. Hi Lisa!

    Congratulations! You have finished an absolutely amazing project!

    I love it! You did an awesome job! Really beautiful!

    I can see you sitting there, drinking wine, catching glimpses of specific tiles and having their meaning to you jump out at you! And then I can you smiling (a Cheshire Cat smile - perhaps?) as the secrets of those tiles/momentos come back to you, and you alone!

  17. Oh my this is amazing! I love it! I could look at this stuff forever. Now this is inspiring me to pull out some of my horde. lol! I'm the same way as you sweetie....you should see my garage. People started giving me old broken plates and cups, etc. And I can't get rid of any of it!
    I know how time consuming this process is. You did a great job!
    Is this inside or outside or both?


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