24 June 2010

A book. A Grave. An Idea.

So far this week has been

Hazy, Hot and Humid.

Perfect weather for laying around with a book and a fan.

After falling in love with Portrait of an unknown Woman

I wanted to read more by Vanora Bennett

and I ordered this book



Another winner! 

I love historical fiction

and she is a master.

If you are a fabric artist, you will love it even more than I did.


Mia and I have been walking and walking and walking.

One of our favorite destinations (besides the Cafe)

is the cemetery on the tippy-top of town.

It’s a looong up-hill walk,

but for me walking back down is more difficult.

The last trek, I remembered my camera.



You can see the prominence of Pennsylvania Dutch names.


We didn’t go in, but I think next time I will at least pop my head in :)


And lastly,

My friend Charlie from Art Happens

participates in Teacup Tuesday.

Since I have only one teacup,

I thought Wine Glass Wednesday would be fun.

So starting next Wednesday

I will post a picture of one of my wine glasses.

Anyone else want to show and tell?

Email me and I will post your link too.


One more lastly…

I am making progress on my sinful studio.

Can’t wait to show that too!




  1. what a nice leisurely post :) love the pics you took of the cemetary! isnt it wonderful to live amongst such beautiful surroundings! ooo ... studio makeover :) can't wait to see final result! i wish i had one to make over LOL!!

  2. I love cemeteries and we have an old one here, but I just haven't gone to it yet. Those are great pictures. I come via michelle my belle's blog and just wanted to pop by and say hello. I like that button and yes thank you I will take it and post it on my sidebar for inspiration. I like your blog and I have seen your comments here and there. Have a great Friday and enjoy your new book. Sounds like a winner. Nice to meet you.

  3. Yea! you are starting wine glass Wednesday!!!!I'm in! It will be fun!
    Thanks for the book recommendation! I like to read historical fiction too.
    Aren't old tombstones interesting???!!!
    Have fun cleaning up your studio.

  4. wine glass wednesday. hum, i knew you were a girl after my own heart.

    while you wait for wed....perhaps you would love to
    haiku my heart friday???

    i will be waiting for you!

  5. Walking is good for you. Walking up hills is good for you. Taking some wine with you would be even better. :)Bea

  6. Thanks for the recommendation of an author I've not read. I'm always looking for new books.

    Walking is so good for you and it helps if you have an interesting destination - and a good companion of course.


  7. Ooooo! A studio makeover and Wine Glass Wednesday! Can't wait!

    I'm with you, I'd rather walk up --stairs, hills, trees-- than down any and all times.

    Looking forward to Wednesday!

  8. Egg cup Sunday ? Salt & Pepper Shaker Saturday ? Hmmm, not really...maybe art supply Monday - that is definitely my biggest collection !
    Love the cemetary shots. The head stone with the angel is precious, isn't it ?
    Can't wait to see you studio progress too.
    Have agreat weekend !
    Cheers !

  9. ooohhh I love your bone yard is is so beautiful and on a hill!! oh exceptional!!
    and I wish we could walk together! that would be sooo fun!! xx's

  10. It's a lovely cemetery! There is one near to me ~ it's very old and people are not buried there any longer. It's now a park. You've inspired me to take a walk over there!

    Thanks for the book suggestion! I'll be on the lookout for that author. The title of the first book sounds very familiar. I may have even read it. And the fact that I can't remember has no bearing on whether I liked it or not lol. I probably did like it, my mind is just like a sieve, ugh...

  11. Hmm, wine glass Wednesday sounds just up my street! That cake on your previous post looks... well.... good enough to eat! - which I am sure you did and enjoy it too :)
    Weather hot here too - glorious in fact!

  12. Awwww, I love walking through graveyards and reading all the years on the tombstones. I try to imagine what kind of clothes and jewelry they might be wearing. I of course love the big old angel tombstones. We had an old cemetery close by when I lived in the city. Boy, they sure don't make them like they use to. I plan on drinking some wine this weekend, that is for sure! Cheers to you!


  13. What a super post. I don't have enough wineglasses to join in I'm afraid! The book sounds interesting - I hope you enjoy it. I can't wait to see your new super dooper studio! xxx

  14. Hmm, I thnk I could manage wineglass Wednesday- tho I have o admit to sometimes being the trashy sort whose wine glasses look suspiciously like coffee mugs......lol
    Thanks for the images of the cemetary, I LOVE that kind of thing!

  15. Love the tombstones shots. I love old cemetaries, the older the better. There is one in Statesville, NC that has graves from the 1700s that I use to like visiting.
    Walking is good for you. Wine is good for you. You are so health conscience. lol
    I don't do much wine. I'm more of a margarita in a bottle girl.
    Can't wait to see your new studio.


  16. Lisa it was so cool to drop in and catch up with you! Fabulous pictures! I've missed you girl! xo

  17. LOveeee the photos..and I'll be by to see thatwine glass...heh. Sorry I have been a slacko blogger lately

  18. Ohhh I love to read especially historical fiction. Will look for these.
    Your walks sound awesome. A few years ago I participated in a stone angel chunky book: Went to the graveyard photographed stone angels, then altered pictures with beads and funky junk sent out 20 copies and received a chunky book with 20 other artists pages.It is one pf my favorite trades so far.
    I'm in for Wineglass Wednesday.

  19. i just wrote vanora down... i love (LOVE!) historical fiction. all the history i never learned in school i'm learning now through historical fiction... : )

    happy reading, sweet woman...


  20. Count me in!! Wine glass Wednesday -- billiant!!!


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