17 June 2010

I have everything...and more

If you have a Garden and a Library, you have Everything you need.  -Cicera

 Inspriration Avenue's theme this week is Wish.

I am a very blessed person.
The only thing I wish/pray for is peace.
At home and in the world.


Wine is nice
(would be even nicer if it grew on trees)


A kitty cat in the garden
is comforting.

But you gotta agree...

Nothing can top
the sweetest daughter,
Patiently getting her picture taken
with some VERY TALL flowers.

Now that is the best wish
that ever came true!

Love to all...and Cheers!


  1. I love the story you told here. And the quote about needing simply a garden and a library-well I have been in libraries ALL MY LIFE but I have never had my own garden. So...I guess this is something I need to work on, eh? BTW, your daighter is lovely...

  2. Lisa, your daughter is beautiful and she is a wonderful wish come true. The vino growing on trees would be a nice wish too. I wish you peace, serenity and a lovely glass of red!


    And.oh,my...HOW beauty she is,you lovely daughter!!!


  4. Your daughter looks like you! (usually they don't like hearing this)

    Yes. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Books, garden and wine and family...those are my favorite things too.

    A wine tree...hummmm, wouldn't that be wonderful?

    Nice post.

  5. It's true, you really have nothing left to wish for! Well, except for peace and it may take more than wishes...

    I love the quote! I am at the library so often, and of course I'm always near the garden. Both make me very happy!

    That's a beautiful picture of Mia. Of course that's the wish that tops all others ~ a wonderful child ~ and you've got that one covered too!

  6. Your quote and painting are wonderful (as usual).

    You daughter is adorable. I'll bet the two of you have a good time together.


  7. OMG, I got so carried away talking about wishes, and your beautiful daughter, I totally forgot to comment on your wonderful "wishing tree"! I love the curly branches and embellishments! Plus the window onto the garden. If you had to pick just 2 extra things to wish for, wine and a cat are excellent choices!

  8. Awww, how sweet. I love the painting and your daughter is beautiful.


  9. I totally agree!
    Love your submission.

  10. I feel the same way Lisa : ) Very lucky.

  11. A pretty wishing tree,a glass of wine,a cat in the garden,very tall flowers with the lovely Mia...
    It's a good life!

  12. Sounds like you have all the bases covered, Lisa. Wine, a lovely garden, an adorable kitty, and a beautiful daughter.

    hugs, Kelly

  13. I love your tree Lisa and especially the wee kitty on the branch.

    Your daughter is beautiful, just like you.


  14. Lisa I love your wishing tree, especially as it grows wine lol!

    Your daughter is gorgeous, and I can see the resemblance between you too.

  15. Well written.
    I wish wine grew on trees too. lol! :) I agree I am so blessed and really don't need much.
    The kitty on the branch is so sweet and your daughter is so cooperative. You raised her right.

  16. Add this one to my wish list of your art- I LOVE it! Actually, I love them ALL- I *wish* I could have one of each; if only my wallet would allow.....Your daughter is lovely just like you, my friend. You are truly blessed:)

  17. Your daughter is beautiful! The perfect flower in your garden!

    What a lovely entry ... it makes me think of a secret garden, tucked away in a very special place.

    Great work!

  18. A great wish that 'branches' out into little bits of your personality bringing you to life! I'm having a glass of wine as I write this so 'Cheers' to you and yours!

  19. Wow..almost missed this post. Lisa, your babygirl is absolutely gorgeous! Goodness gracious alive..she should be in Hollywood. Oh..and when I caught my breath after seeing your beautiful girl-child I noticed the breathtaking flowers behind her. LOVELY! Just lovely!

  20. I love all your wishes and your daughter is so beautiful among those Yucca plants.

  21. Lisa your daughter is so beautiful. I love your 'story board', so clever and funny.

  22. this is the greatest post ever...!!


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