06 June 2010

Rock Concert

This week at Inspiration Avenue, the question was

How does your Garden Grow?

My garden is mostly trees, herbs, tomatoes, grapes and perennial flowers.

And rocks.

I love rocks.

We salvaged a ton of big ones from an old wall being torn down.

They are bordering all of my gardens.

I love small smooth pebbles too.

Last weekend, Deb brought a batch of rocks home from her camping trip.

Susquehanna River rocks!


I was inspired by Lynne Hoppe and painted them.



You can click on the picture for a better look.

Mia and I will have fun “decorating” the garden and flower pots with them.

My favorite is the wine glass

and my word of the week:


After the past few weeks of the neighbors crap

I wanted to make one that said

Shut up!

But I shouldn’t like to be unpleasant.


And as always

an afterthought.

My kids wearing the same old, beloved shoes.


I had to snap!

I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend.




  1. A rockin rock garden! Love that Picasso quote. Clever chap wasn't he? I feel inspired now to go paint a pebble or two...

  2. I am coveting your rocks. I painted a load of river rocks one summer and gave them all away. I still get asked for them. That makes me want to paint some for my garden. The shut up rock? I have a neighbor that could also use one. SHALL WE?
    Nice submission.:)

  3. I have always adored rocks! In fact, we collect them from every place we visit and I have a huge bowl full of them, prominently displayed in my living room. :) I love that you've given your rocks personality ... they'll be lovely adorning your garden! :) I like them all but I think my favorite would be the kitty cat! :)

  4. COOLIO Lisa wow Makes me want to come home from church and paint. Awesome images. Your work is always so awesome.

  5. I love your rock garden Lisa!

    The wine glass and the sweet basil are my favs - what a great way to remember your plants' names!

  6. What did the neighbors do? Don't tell me it's that dratted fence again. Tell me they didn't push it back over on your yard. THE NERVE.
    lolol OK, pass me a glass of the real stuff, no rocks. But, I do like the rocks. You are starting down a rocky path here. :)Bea

  7. Oh I like them all. Treasures every one.

  8. What a wonderful collection - I like rocks and stones, I find them quite grounding - no pun intended!

    I love that these are all so eclectic. I spotted the blue guitar (inspired by last week's submission?) straight away, but the glass of wine has to be my favourite too!

  9. Thanx for the comment, Priti. As a matter of fact I answered an Alchemy reqiuest for a horizontal chart! But the lady thought I was charging too much. Ah well, so goes life!

    Love your rocks!


    PS: Frida Callo, right?

  10. Your rocks are wonderful !!!! I have some painted by Lynn herself - lucky girl that I am ! Love the idea of painting bigs ones too...haven't done that in a long time. Everything is a canvas...
    Have a great week, Lisa !

  11. These hand painted rocks ROCK! I love the idea of a journal in the garden ...making a favorite rock talk back. I am on the road now to score some beautiful rocks to add to my small space for flowers...the deer won't eat rocks :O). Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. so many AMAZING rocks-the ones that stand out (for me) are "pray" and the heart on fire. Lovely sentiments for me this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the faces you've painted on the rocks.

  14. Oh wow, Lisa! You know what I think the piece of bone is. When they take the tooth out they show you it out fully. I think they crack the jaw bone that is around the tooth and that is why it doesn't easily show up on x-rays. Taken such a long time to push its way this far and it maybe the same for you? Been reading on the internet that dentists are not trained to well about this area around the teeth and this is why they become lacking in help. Basically they have learned it but don't listen to access that memory. Think you are making it up because they cannot see it on the xray and treat you as depressed.
    If this tooth piece is causing you pain Lisa, you need a good oral surgeon. You don't have a phantom tooth ache it will be your jaw trying to fight this piece.
    With all your prayers and I kept praying for God to help show the dentists what is wrong with me and it worked. So grateful to you all.
    Would you like similar prayers?
    Loads of love!


  15. It must be a lot of fun to walk around your garden. Or your whole house actually.


  16. Oh Lisa, only you could make a simple rock into a work of art! They're all so gorgeous!!

  17. Fun rocks! I have to agree with Lisa. Now I feel like painting a rock or two. I like the wine glass one as well.
    I was late in getting my entry in this week. Don't know what's going on with me.
    oH well.
    Have a great week!

  18. super fun--painting all those rocks! creating art upon art

  19. Oh, my best friends and I would go rock hunting Every Week! And get awesome granites and feldspars and quartzes. And I've seen Lynne's painted rocks and made a mental note to try them. Your cool collection of them reminds me of something I must do! Thanks for sharing that. Lovely.

  20. I LOVE these; especially the faces and the Picasso quote! Sorry I'm so late getting by, things have been crazy around here- maybe I need the rock with the wine glass for inspiration? Anyway these are wonderful- I'd love to see pics of the entire garden!

  21. I like the wine glass, one, too! and the scissor and barber shop totem. And I'd also like to borrow your shut up! to unpleasant neighbors, but I'll keep my mouth shut for a few more days.

    Be well Lisa

  22. alrighty, now i'm grinning a BIG grin....

    these rocks are *smooth*. wow, talk about perfect rocks for drawing on. i love them. you're inspiring me...

    here we are, spreading the rock love, and going to rock concerts...

    grin, grin, grin... : )


  23. Oh Lisa! I LOOOOOVE your painted rocks! They really, really huuuuh ... rock ? Hugs, Lulu

  24. Oh I love the Picasso rock. It is perfect. I also love that you will be decorating your garden and pots with these fun little bits of sunshine.
    My kids both where those converse shoes, too. Alex wore a lovely dress to her graduation and a pair of those under her gown. ugh! She says these shoes are my favorites and the ones I have worn the most so they are going to graduation with me. lol
    I had a pair of white ones when I was a kid. Did you?


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