02 June 2010

Stuck in the Blues

Almost everyone loves color,
but nobody loves it as much as I do!
Lately, my favorites have been blue, green, and all the shades in between.
I am obsessed it seems.
( even my under-garments are turquoise, rotted elastic and all)

I'll get to the point.
In 1994, I painted this...fence post, maybe?
to look like Santa.
Way back then.
(PS: always date your art)

I came across him in the shed,
chippy and forlorn.
Since no one but me believes in Santa anymore,
He got the BLUES.

and SHE looks fabulous!
(i think)
Can you see her crown?  It used to hold a candle.
Now I imagine putting wishes and prayers inside.

And, as usual, I have one more thing to shoot off about...
a book.
The best book I have read in a long time.
I picked this book up for $1
at a junk shop,

It's called Portrait of an Unknown Woman, by Vanora Bennett.
I can't begin to tell you how amazingly wonderful this book is.

Who says you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover...
 Beating Heart 


  1. Oh I love your painted post. I also love that you added the crown and suggested putting prayers or wishes in it. You are so fun! Love it!

  2. Well, the fence post looks amazing.
    The book cover is gorgeous just for itself. To have a good read, too, well, that's just icing on the cake.
    Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. :)Bea

  3. Amazing makeover Lisa!! (Though I bet you could have sold that Santa fence post easily near Christmas! And no doubt the Angel too - anytime!)

    So you are painting fence posts, eh? (I get to say that - I'm Canadian) I seem to recall a disheveled fence that you immensely dislike... perhaps a mural? Maybe like the book cover? Or an under the sea scape - to take advantage of your love of blues?

    I've never agreed with that phrase - the artists who design those book covers work very hard to have you judge the book, and choose it, based on their work. I often choose books based on covers (though it is becoming much harder to use that strategy with my current Kindle addiction) and it usually works well for me. And for choosing wine too! (well maybe there is no saying "Never judge a wine by its label" and nor should there be!

    You do such wonderful magical creations Lisa!! I am as always - enchanted and amazed!

    Big Hugs

  4. I like your blue lady. Funny that you say date your art... my dad always says don't date your art, just in case it doesn't sell that way people won't know it's been in the closet (or old shed).

    p.s. I have entirely too old underwear, too. if I can squeeze my butt in it, it gets to stay. haha

  5. She does look lovely Lisa, in her turquoise. This book is unfamiliar to me. Thanks for the introduction.

  6. ahhhh!!! she is indeed a beauty! and the crown candle holder is a lovely touch. blues and greens and everything in between have been my obsession as long as i can remember :) so ... welcome to the club!

  7. Oh, she is wonderful !!!!! I want her in my garden ! How fun.
    Blues and greens are my thng too - I even had a good looking card-reading, aura-seeing voodoo guy tell me that my aura is a mix of those colors way back along the way (I don't remember the date ! ;) )...maybe that is why I love them so.
    May your day be all about the blue skies, Lovely Lisa.

  8. I like Santa's makeover very much. I'm going to see if my online library has that book.


  9. Waaay better plan for the Santa.
    Also, I think the cover of the book you recommended is nifty and I cannot wait to read it. Wonder if I'll have a hard time finding it.


  10. Love it Lisa! You are so good at giving things a second life : )

  11. I love the post Lisa!(but you know I adore everything you do anyway!)

    I am trying to catch up on all my Blog visiting starting today. I have been battling pneumonia in both lungs for over two weeks so I hope to be back to creating this weekend!


  12. your post is just awesome and great transformation! the book sounds just wonderful and the cover, well, that makes me swoon!! xx's

  13. Wonderful transformation. She is beautiful!!!!

  14. Such a beautiful makeover- I LOVE her and thanks for pointing out the crown- I didn't see it at first:)

  15. I believe in Santa!

    But Blue is Cool! I was a bit challenged by your statement that no one loves color more than you do... then I looked at your pieces and decided... okay, you can like it better this time.

    I am SO into blues and greens right now. Oh, and blue green. and turquoise and teal.

    Other than that, bluegreen.


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