30 June 2010

Wine Glass Wednesday


Also visit Art Happens and see my friend Charlie.
Her wine glass is a work of art...and she did it herself!
Gemma drinks her wine straight from the bottle!
 My friend and team mate
Shel played too!

Happy Wednesday!
and Cheers!

PS:  I looked at the label on the wine bottle and saw 14%.
Put that guy in the fridge for a little later.
I've got to start my project for Inspiration Avenue.
This week the theme is Freedom.

 Blow Kiss 


  1. Your posts always put a smile on my face. Have fun tonight watching Mia and finishing that glass of wine!


  2. Today I posted bottles
    that works doesn't it?
    Although I prefer a glass.

  3. I just loved your video. Awesome. I like the idea. Next Wednesday I will do a wine glass or two. It should be fun. I come via my amiga Gemma and just stopped in to say hello. Have a great day. I like your blog.

  4. Hi,sweetheart Lisa!-)*

    Just absolutely stunning idea and how playful do you bring it in you post:-)))*

    Thank you immensly for you lovely visit by me and you so unbelievebly kind words,darling!!!


  5. Hey Lisa how fun here is mine!!


  6. Yay, you did it! I didn't get back online after yesterday morning, so I didn't do anything- BUT, I'll be here with "bells on next week" Oh and I always love it when you do videos!

  7. Cheers! Love the wine glass! and no need to wait for 2:00 LOL! xo Michele

  8. Love your video! This is fun!
    I think I have a video recorder on my computer...but have no idea how to use it. I'll have to wait for my son to come home to show me how.
    Now I'm off to visit the other wine glass people.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Great video. Now you have to tell me what kind of wine that is. Since I drive up and down the Napa Valley in CA I'm kind of a wine nut. Not wine SNOB. No. Just a nut.


  10. Lisa,
    have a good 4th, eat drink and be merry.


  11. Lisa, I love it when you do a video! You are so lovely and that wine glass is beautiful!


  12. Where are you ? Looks like the Children of the corn movie scene behind you
    pretty glass!


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