19 July 2010

Shopping…another fun pastime

I got through a dreaded ordeal today.

And after thanking God and the Universe .

And my Guardian Angels,

I had to reward myself for…

well for…getting through it like a trooper.

I went to our town Library Book Sale!!!



Don’t worry, I’m not done with them yet.

Thursday is “fill a box for a buck”  Day!

There is an Art History Set of 7 that are gonna be mine.

You may (or maybe not) be wondering about a few of my choices.

My baby Leo is turning 20 on August 7,

and yes,

used books are an excellent gift (at least in our family)

Another place I like to shop is Etsy.

There I found this belt from a very mary design

harley belt

She has such cool retro/vintage things.

He is going to luv it :)

While I was there, I stopped in at Mana Moon Studios

and picked up these earrings

mana moon

(they are for me)  Gotta reward the shopper!

Sharon is having a hell-of-a sale!

And the last place I stopped was Well of Creations.

Robin donates half of the money to schooling girls in India.

She got my heart,

and Mia and I went crazy!

well of creations

Of course, these aren’t for Leo either.

But, because his birthday is coming,

I got some nice prezzies for myself

( he wouldn’t be here without me)

And some girls in India will be more independent!

(He will like that)


So, as always, the good over came the nasty.

Life is very good, isn’t it?

Love each other,

(and me)



  1. Hi Lisa,
    Glad your ordeal is over. What a "GREAT WAY" to reward yourself & reward others at the same time! I love the book theme, everybody wins, even the library. I'm sure Leo will have a great birthday with a Mom like you!
    Love you!

  2. I certainly like your logic for shopping and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEO.
    Nice score on the books and all the other gifties to yourself. :)Bea

  3. Shopping as a reward is much better than eating (or drinking too much wine) Congrats on the great finds.

  4. Retail Therapy and rewards are the best ! You did very well, Lisa. A little gift for you, a little gift for me...perfect Balance ! ;)
    Doing my best to LOVE everyone today, and an extra dose to you..

  5. way to go! you so deserve it! and yes used books are the best!! xoxxo

  6. Yay, a used book sale! Oh, that would be perfect to altered. Don't look at me that way. A used book in my house may one day become art. I wish I beat you to the Harley history book though. But I'm glad it's going to a good cause-a birthday! Tell Leo Happy Birthday from me.

    And congrats on all the gifties for yourself.


  7. I love library book sales!! Have a great time Thursday. I love that Alcott quote!

  8. Books are great gifts and used books are the best. I like the way they have softened up a bit.

    Looks like you did some great shopping.


  9. Hah! I love your philosophy on shopping for the supplier (you). ;D I'm so happy you love your earrings (isn't the green amazing!?!) and thanks so much for the comment on my blog and shout out!

  10. You totally rock, Sister Girlfriend!!!

  11. Congrats on getting through the dreaded ordeal. So glad you are good to yourself!!! YAY!


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