22 July 2010

Willow Hoppe

Willow Tree Love.
Have you seen this before?
created this wonder
and now it is mine!
Or rather my sad willow's.
Lynne calls it a 'tree apron'
my willow has a bigger waist than me (can you imagine?)
so I am calling it a 'tree bib'
whatever you call it,
this art is a godsend for my willow.

Thank you Lynne
from the bottom of my shaky heart.

This is the willow I planted 8 years ago.
I blame myself for planting the right tree in the wrong space.
The willow tree has always been my favorite memory.
But, selfishly, I planted this lady in the wrong setting.
Her leaves drop as soon as they bloom.
I had a "tree guy" here last fall.
Another is on the way...
but I'll bet this Hoppe Bib is all she needed.

I am participating in a show Friday and Saturday.
I won't be blog-commenting for a few days.
and I am sorry.
I know comments are treasures.

See you Sunday.

PS: sorry about the picture edges...my whole file got wiped away...it took me 3 hours just to make this mediocre post. 

(sorry Sharon)

No time to cry.  But I want to....


  1. what a beautiful creation! somehow it suits the willow tree very well! and that's a lovely garden you have ... i wouldn't have known that the tree was been planted wrongly if you didn't mention it. it looks fabulous to me!

  2. oh lisa, this is so beautiful... i am without many words these days, so i'll just say, love, love... and thank you... xoxo

  3. The tree is beautiful, as well as her apron/bib. I hope you get good news from the next tree guy. I know you hate the thought of loosing her. She looks grand in her setting to me but I'm sure you have a lot to contend with her loosing her leaves in that area. Good luck on your show!

  4. Willows are the tree of my childhood...we had several huge ones in the townhouse complex where I lived and their swaying canopy was the shade of hundreds of kid games and one even witnessed my first kiss at 9 years old to Steven, 11... I am so glad that you have put Lynn's beautiful love around your friend. She is a magical lady and I have been lucky enough to receive a bit of that magic in the form of some lovely painted rocks...
    Here's to willow tree wishes and living life the fullest...
    Have a great show !!!!

  5. Hi,dear Lisa:-)*

    What a beauty these is...realy nice treasure!!!

    And you know,you garden is very pretty pace to be there,Like it so much!!!


  6. I saw that wonderful Tree Apron on her blog, how wonderful that it now graces your beautiful willow.
    I planted my willow about the same time as you did. She's out by the pond so her feet get lots of water.
    She was a slow started but now is quite beautiful and full.
    I am so sorry about your photographs. I back up so much people laugh at me but the idea of losing my photographs is like losing my taste for chocolate. :)Bea

  7. What a great idea to adorn the willow tree with such a beautiful creation! I love it. Your willow tree looks wonderful in the photo. Wow, it grew a lot in 8 years!

    My nectarine tree just up and died this summer. It looks like the middle of November instead of July. Sad. I guess I need a tree guy to tell me if it will come back next year or if it is just gone. No idea what caused it. *sniff* Maybe I will post a picture of it, but it's not a pretty sight.

    Good luck at the show! Hope you have fun!


  8. WOW! What a tree!!

    That Lynne is wonderful, isn't she?

  9. Beautiful tree - I love willows, their gentle sway, in a light breeze, is a a romantic dance, a call to the heart to ponder peacefully. The apron bib is a delightful addition to your tree's limb. Have fun at the show, Lisa.

  10. Your willow is lovely. It reminds me of summer days, ponds, and lighting bugs.
    Good luck with your show. Let us know how it goes.


  11. The tree bib is gorgeous. I'd probably wear it around my neck to dress up an out fit. 8)
    Your Willow tree is fabulous. Wow...love Willows too!

  12. I love your tree bib! We planted a weeping bald cypress two years ago, in what I'm fairly sure is the wrong place because it does the same thing- maybe I should order an apron for it?
    GOOD LUCK on your show, I know you and your beautiful work will do wonderfully well!

  13. Just stopping by to see what my beautiful friend is up to and no crying... please♥

    Your photos look like the cool vintage ones with the white edges - so that's neat! ;D

    And your sweet, sweet willow, I'll bet that apron will do her a world of good (I am however shocked she's only 8 years old, WOW!)

    Sure wish I could have made that show sweet one and I hope it's was a huge success and loads of fun!!
    Hugs that wipe away the tears♥♥

  14. What a beautiful tree! Not many willows grow where I live. you might see a few here and there.
    So sorry to hear it does not like where you planted it. I hope the tree bib works too. That is a very cleaver idea. Love it.
    good luck at your show. I guess I wont be doing wine glass Wednesday. I'm running out of glasses anyway.

  15. Tree aprons, A very unique idea! I am going to check her out. Have a great SHOW!!! I love your Willow...

  16. Hey Yippie Skippy
    Have a good show , and I like your willow tee !

  17. Lisa, I so love weeping willow trees. I have fond memories of running under and around the middle of one in junior school.
    Hope you have lots of fun with your tree and its bib,lol! Love the bib, like you're looking after it with so much love!
    I am God is in the world.
    Oh an by the way I love the new painting of your advatar. You share something so deep withing your art. Truly beautiful!

    Huge Hug and loads of love!



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