07 July 2010

Wine Glass Wednesday

This wine glass is a favorite.
It has a partner
and both glasses are thick and irregular in shape.
(hmm...sounds like me :))
They seem like Mexican glassware,
but I can't be sure since I didn't buy them in a store.
They were in a cute little Inn we visited.
When we packed to come home,
they came along.
I know it sounds like stealing,
but we left $20 in the spot where they used to be.
And a note.
We've stayed at that Inn since then...the owners didn't mind.
In fact there are more of these wobbly guys in their place.
The wine is called Menage a Trois.
It's refreshing on a sweltering night.

Pop over to Stephanie's and see her artful glass.
She has a way with display!
An my other friend Gemma has a fun wine post too, a good laugh!

If you want to play WGW with me.
comment or email
and I put up your link


  1. Oh I LOVE glasses like those- you just want to run your finger along that beautiful blue streak.....so pretty!

  2. Those are pretty little glasses.

  3. Hi,sweetheart Lisa!-)*

    I like this glass realy much...I would like that I can to drink with you one great delicious glass wine:-)))*

    Thank you,darling for you kind,lovely words by me!


  4. OMG I forgot it was WGW...and I have a funny one to post. It's the good wine and glass my daughter brought me from New Zealand....called Cat Pee on a Goose Berry Bush. OK I'm late but will post it now.

  5. Shoot, shoot, shoot. I missed the first Wineglass Wednesday. Darn, darn. I have enough wineglasses to keep me in posts for at least a year!! I used to have a set of those heavy glasses and left them with my house when I leased it. They matched the upholstery. I know, wierd.

    Definitely see you next week.

  6. I love it! I love it! I love it! That's the most perfect wine glass ever! "Menage a trois" - what a funny name for wine. Did I mention that I LOVE the wine glass? I really do.

  7. Thanks Lisa
    You are so cool and your glasses are very pretty.

  8. They do look like Mexican glass don't they?

  9. Oh that wine looks so refreshing. Can you believe that with this virus I've got I am not allowed alcohol, coffee or.... CHOCOLATE!!

    Really beautiful glasses - makes drinking all the more pleasurable I think.

  10. Cool glasses, Lisa. Makes me want to start collecting wine glasses. Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, :)


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