21 July 2010

Wine Glass Wednesday


Big and sturdy.
Purple and bubbly.
I actually have 2 of these.

Go visit Art Happens.  Charlie out-did me again!
And Aries Gypsy.  Look what Pam is washing her wine down with :)

If you didn’t read (or if you did) my previous post,
Have a look…I fixed the awful pictures.
And they really are great shops :)
Off to paint…
not sure it’s what I should be doing,
but it is what I want to do…
I’m such a brat!
Lisa X0X0X


  1. Lisa D. Hope your summer has been going well. The wine glass Wednesday is so fun : )

    Loving Frank was so good they should make a movie out it...Kinda like Frida.

    Enjoy all your books

  2. Hmmmmmm......lovely blue. I could swim in that color. I love it. I have mine up too.
    Have a great day creating.

  3. Love the beautiful blue and lovely shape of this Lisa. Very pretty.
    I collect cobalt blue glass and bottles. Gorgeous photo!

  4. Another Priti wine glass! I did it again too! This is fun! thanks for hosting our vino party every Wednesday!!

  5. Purple and bubbly! What are you going to fill it with tonight, Lisa?

    Tomorrow I will pay a quick visit to a vineyard in California and will think of you and toast a tasting to WGW (a day late...) Maybe I'll find a fun glass so I can play too!

  6. you SHOULD be doing whatever you little heart desires!! great wine glass, anything would taste great in that!!

  7. I love this glass- I'm with Charlie, I could totally swim in that color! Gorgeous- purple AND wine, just add sitting in a garden at sunset, and I'd be one happy lady!


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