30 August 2010

7 minutes of Lisa

Here is Terri's link Dimples and Dragonflies Studio.
                         Happy Monday :D


  1. You are such a cutie especially when you smile, you eyes just light up! Beautiful bottles, lucky, lucky, you. :)Bea

  2. I always love your videos Lisa. When I was little we had a deck of Tarot cards. I was always a bit scared of them. I don't know why because I had no problem messing with the Ouija board which I am sure is way worse. I guess, right?
    Ha ha. Shows how much I know, but I do love your painting!

  3. fabulous video!! love love love you being YOU!! adorable!! xoxox

  4. You are so ffffing cute Lisa!

  5. Your video's are always so much fun to watch. I'll be checking your store.


  6. So fun to hear your voice and see you chat with us, Lisa !
    Excited about where your are going with your art. It is wonderful. Excited about the giveaway too ;) !
    Brava, Brave One !

  7. What an adorable video! You had me laughing as you talked and sipped~

    The new card that you are making is turning out super. Just love the eyes on her.

    It's fun getting to know other fun artists and you certainly are that!
    Keep it up.


  8. I love it when you make your videos- you have such a warm, beautiful spirit and it truly shines thru! Your new design for the tarot cards is amazing- I can't wait to see how you incorporate water into it- I know it will be gorgeous!
    Oh, and I'll be crossing my fingers for your giveaway- I would adore having one of your pieces in my home!

  9. Hi Lisa! I agree with Stephanie, love when you do your videos. You remind of a good friend of mine who lives in Austin. We don't see much of each other any more so I always think of her when I see your videos. Oh well.
    I think I'm back...had to take a bloggy break, my mom had surgery. Now I'm playing catchup.
    Love your High Priestess, what a wonderful idea!

  10. Hi Lisa. You are just the prettiest girl on Blogger. What a great video and I wished I could be there on the other side of you sipping a glass of wine too. Great paintings and I'm so glad I got to hear you and see you. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing what you do with the new "canvas."

  11. Lisa, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE when you do your videos!! You are just so darling!!


  12. I am still giggling, I love the sips of wine...and the matching the items Teri, gave you!!!! I would never have the guts to video myself, unless I had more wine, Maybe? You are Priti Lisa!

    big hug to you, Lisa

  13. Goodness Gracious Alive..I had no idea you had this video up. :)) My heart is just beaming with joy! Thank you Sweet Friend for such kind words! You make me want to cry..only from joy..only from joy.

    And thank you for visiting my site earlier. If you want to come back..I have something posted that is going to blow your mind! I know how you Love anything MARY..so come take a peek and see what I've done.

    Hugs Of Love, Friendship & Sunshine,Terri

  14. V. nice picture! And I'm looking fwd to the Star card. The drawing is splendid. Don't you love making art, just lots of art, having fun, growing, and then giving them away? I like to give them away or even just leave them around, because really, how much can I have at my house? However, we also must value our work and getting paid is fabulous.

    Rock on!

  15. oh! you make me smile! no wait! smile and *laugh*!!! thank you for that...

    i am sending you love,

    and feeling all kinds of gratitude for your sweet self who makes videos... xo


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