21 August 2010

The Girl who Loves Coffee…

I always say
I only drink 3 things.  Water, Wine and Coffee.
Mostly true.
Although 3 weeks ago I had a beer, and this morning…
Detox Tea!
I love my ea mug.
It is too big for coffee.
I drink my coffee in a small mug.
I drink coffee HOT!
and quickly.
Kinda like coffee shots.
But tea…it’s just as good lukewarm.
My very cute, and very
Responsible Rabbit
is sitting atop my moleskin sketchbook.
He wants me to get crackin’ on the project.
Click he link.
It is a cool project….but WAY outta my zone.
Poor Rabbit.
I didn’t begin.
But I did drink my tea :)
I am working on so many things right now.
I want to update my Etsy all at once. (it is empty)
I want to celebrate with a give away….
I am setting Labor Day Weekend as my launch.
Anyway…I feel like my submission this week is a cop-out,
but to see some REALLY Special  work,
go here Inspiration Avenue  afternoon Sunday.
There is some Artwork that blew me away!
A kiss for now.
And be aware.  I am not done boring you!


  1. Yay..always fun reading your posts and seeing what magic you are up to! Thanks for the smiles always!

  2. Hi priti.lisa. I like that you drink your coffee like shots. That is so cool. I tried going to your SketchBook Project but the link wasn't working. I am sure it would have been exciting as it's always exciting to come here and read your words. I love your picture with the flowers on your hair. It is a great picture. Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by my blog. You always leave such nice comments. Take care. (I think tomorrow I'll drink my coffee like shots.) Tee hee.

  3. i LOVE your mug ... smug!! :) and that photo of you looks really good my fren!

  4. Ha Ha my friend - methinks you have been too busy creating your previous lovely. Readers should pop down a post and see what Lisa has been up to the past few weeks... She's a clever lady indeed.

  5. Yep. That's all I drink too. In this order: coffee, water and lots of wine in the evening. I think it keeps me healthy!

    I looked at the sketchbook project and find it very interesting. I know a lot of good will come from it.

    Great pic of your mug...I mean face! LOL

  6. Lisa, the mug is priceless! And I can't wait to see what you will fill that sketchbook with. Will you give us a glimpse from time to time? Thanks for playing! You never disappoint!

    Off to see the post Lisa mentioned...I've been very bad about blog visiting lately...

  7. very VERY entertaining my friend. Looking forward to your Labor day launch and all the fabulousness I am SURE you will put into it!

  8. Responsible rabbit wants you to get cracking :) So nice to have a responsible rabbit to um "encourage" you when needed!!

    And your friends want to hear about your theme and your plans for your sketchbook project! (BTW How many pages is it?) I'm very excited to see what you do! I'm still debating it. If not this year maybe next year.

    Coffee shots - lol. Are they expresso?

    XXX You are never boring Lisa!

  9. Oh My! Well, I love both mugs and I could drink my coffee in both of them. What do you mean it's wayyyyyyyy out of your comfort zone?
    It's twenty pages if you leave it alone. It's how ever many signatures you want to put in it if you rip it apart.
    It's a S K E T C H B O O K! Not a finished work of art. For me that means a working book for ideas, sketches, doodles, drawings, whatever your theme is about. You do beautiful work don't be so hard on yourself. :)Grammybea

  10. LOVE IT!
    Can i please borrow that cup?

  11. LOVE that mug- it brings to mind the "Queen of Everything" anything with that kind of theme and I'm there! I used to have one that said "Well behaved Women Never Make History..." :)
    I'm off to check your sketchbook link......

  12. You're so darn cute and could never be boring! I loved hearing about your ideas and plans and enjoyed catching a glimpse of a pretty snazzy Pimp & Paint placemat too! ;D
    Enjoy your week!♥


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