05 August 2010

The Green Man

The Green Man is a mythical god,

known by many names,

and taking many forms.

In Greek Mythology, he is called Pan.

In Celtic, Cernunnos.

The Horned One.




In the Wiccan religion,

he is the Father counterpart for the Mother Earth Goddess.

He is the second in my series.

Can you tell who I used as a model?

This is also my offering

for this weeks challenge at Inspiration Avenue.

There is still plenty of time to join the fun…you have until Sunday Morning.



I am not done yapping (or typing)

Looky what I got!!!


Yep. I can finally retire the handsaw.

I was busy making wood canvases and growing a Popeye arm.

Too bad I can’t saw left-handed.

Anyway, the saw is getting so dull, I could have chewed it faster.


hire a beaver

or buy myself a little sumthin.

I am happier about this than a new bag!!!!!




Almost ready for stomping :)


Shine your light.


  1. Hi Pritilisa. I love your green painting. Who did you use as a model? I'll have to go to Inspiration Avenue. Those grapes looks delish. We are getting quite a few in our mini vines. I shall eat them too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. HI LISA,


    LOVE, M & P

  3. Love the painting. Love the grapes. Mine are still quite green. sigh.........A tool! You got a tool, ruhruhruhruh that's a grunt sound, I think. :)Bea

  4. my gosh!! the painting is amazing! way t go!!

    and i am TOTALLY ENVIOUS about the hand saw! UGH ... i must get one of those one of these days ... actually if i had a bigger and landed place .. i would get one of those professional rotary saws that can saw thru thick pieces of wood and at angles! that would be too cool! now every time i want to get something cut up i have to go borrow my frens'.

  5. There's nothing like a new tool to promote creativity. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of great new pieces soon.

    I have a mini vineyard too. My brother tried making wine using my grapes a few years ago and we found it is much cheaper to purchase wine..pucker, pucker..ours was very...let's say..tart.

  6. He is gorgeous!!!!And some how connected to those glorious grapes...
    Congrats on the new tool - may you develop Popeye arms and keep all digits intact ! Cheers!

  7. OMG I´ve missed my words.
    This is absolutely outstanding. So wonderful.

  8. Love your Green Man painting. and I love those grapes. Yum. A new saw, uh? Good luck with it. Me and power hand tools...we don't mix.

  9. I love your green man, she looks very regal! As for the grapes I hope there are more so you can make your wine! Mmmmmm!! As for the jigsaw happy sawing - I need my own drill I think, but a tumbler is at the top of my list now!!

  10. I that your handsome son masquerading as Pan? Both musicians? Both fun-loving and charming?

    Great to hear you have a new toy and a new tool! Can't wait to see what you create with it!

    My grapes are green too - but they will be jelly not wine when they ripen. Do you ever make jelly? Or is that totally un-italian?

    Great Pan!

  11. Love your painting Lisa, he looks like such a peaceful soul. Are you telling us who the model was (whoever he is he has lovely eyes lol!)? xx

  12. What a cool posting! I love the Green Man you created, he's fabulous!! Usually I don't like the different versions I see but I could totally hang yours on my wall. :D

    Next, your comment about Popeye's arm was too cute but I can totally relate to loving new tools, whoot!
    Lastly, what a kick to see those grapies growing lusciously big!

    Are you really going to stomp them??

  13. He is absolutely fantastic. Love the moss growing from his face and that knowing look in his eyes. What is he looking at I wonder? You captured his spirit perfectly.

  14. Did you find the green man in your willow? I sometimes find him in my Olive tree,and almost always in Oaks.
    He is beautiful and you are too.

  15. Lisa, I love your green man. He looks like a very benevolent god. Did you use your son as your model? So handsome!

    Oh your grapes look luscious. As I had posted a while back, my vines do not have even ONE grape on them!! First time in the ten years I have had them. So disappointing. I know it was due to my pruning in March. I have learned my lesson about pruning grapes. The vines themselves are growing everywhere like weeds, but no grapes :(

  16. Gorgeous greenman..a fabulous expression of this magical spirit.

  17. Aunt Martha is that you? Sorry, but I have an aunt martha that could have been your model! :) Love your work as always and your crazy creative spirit is inspiring!

  18. WOW, your new series is fabulous- I love the writing and symbolism! Was the model your daughter? I can't wait to see what you've got planned to stun us with next:)
    And I'm really jealous of your grapes- we've lost one, maybe two of our blueberry bushes to this heat.......

  19. Greaat depiction of the Green Man.

    I don't know about the combo of a skill saw and grapes (wine). I'd be in a world of trouble.


  20. this is wonderful~
    I love every detail. wow stomping grapes and sawing wood, wonderful to embrace so much in life.

  21. you 'could have chewed it faster'. HAAA!

    I love this portrait you created. I wonder who the model was...


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