26 August 2010

The High Priestess

Ever since I bought  a HUGE deck of
playing cards at an antique mall,
I have been thinking about painting my own Tarot Cards.
Not the full deck, just some that keep turning up for me.
Since The High Priestess is my card,
I started with her.


Of course, I didn’t use the cards…
I jumped right in for the BIG painting
on a 10 x 20 wood panel.
She has just turned to see who is following her
up the stairs
to he higher self
through the window of her mind
to her deeper spirituality.

She is so very magical.
She won’t tell you her secrets,
but she will guide you on the path.
I attached an old chain for hanging.

I keep wanting to paint bigger and bigger.
But if I want to sell my things,
I should make smaller, affordable,
‘quicker to make’  pieces.
I must love shooting my own foot.
Or cutting off my nose to spite my bullet-proof feet.
Ah well…
Money can’t buy you what I got!
Well, it can.
But it’s not too expensive
being me.
Love to you all
and thank you for your
very affordable
Inspiration and encouragement!
I am using her for this weeks challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
This week the word is WORDS.
There is plenty of time to enter…c’mon!


  1. When my daughter, Mary was little she always wanted her very, very curly hair up in TWO ballerina's.
    (Two little pony tails on top sides of her head)
    This reminds me of her, all grown up. BEAUTIFUL
    Well done, cuppie cake. :)Bea

  2. Lisa, this is totally out of this world. I love it!! You've done a great job. Her pony tails reminds me of ME. At my age, I love to wear two pony tails. Oooooh how fun. She is beautiful. I love her.

  3. Oh, I like her. This is one of my fav cards in the Tarot. Lovely.

    I know about the big paintings. I like painting big, but to sell and ship would involve too much money. I need to start selling, so going smaller, too.

    Hey-here an idea-a future IA theme-Tarot.

    Luvs, and have a great weekend!

  4. She is indeed beautiful and full of symbolism!!

    I love the owl and the Moon (of course) and what a great red dress!

    Is 10x20 hard to sell?

    I look forward to more on the theme! Will she also fit in with your Wicca project? (Not sure if Tarot and Wicca go hand in hand... Maybe?)


  5. Loving her red dress.. and the size. Perhaps you could take some really good pictures of her and use that smaller prints on the cheap? I know... this economy stinks.

  6. Oh man...Lisa, I like the big, and the high priestess, she is fantastic! In fact a whole layout of your cards would look great on one wall, keep going girl!

    xxx's Lisa

  7. You know,Lisa...you inspired me always,my dear friend!

    I like you painting style,it makes me glad,just more happy!!!

    I want to ask you,what for material do you using by you paintings?Acryl or watercolor,or oil...


  8. Your painting style is very unique. I wonder if there is a category called "New Age Folk Art." The High Priestess is dynamite. I say keep them big and bold, eventually this economy is going to turn around and you will be ready!


  9. She's awesome Lisa! This is a great idea and you should definitely make more!
    Hey, my word verification on a blog yesterday was 'priti'...it made me smile :)

  10. A beautiful priestess full of wisdom and she offers guidance- what more could a gal ask for? I LOVE her!!! And I totally know what you mean, I keep going bigger and bigger too, it's almost addictive....

  11. I think it's sometimes easier and more fun to paint big - you can really get stuck into the detail. She's wonderful Lisa - you can feel all that wisdom.
    Let's see the next one... can't wait!

  12. she's beautiful!!! course, i love the theme. I did a painting which will be published on a Tarot deck this coming fall, right before Christmas. And i plan on doing a whole deck sometime. who knows when! lol

  13. And who IS following her up the stairs?

    She's a beautiful High Priestess. You should do a whole collection! Love her mysterious eyes!

  14. She is wonderful Lisa : ) The bigger the better..I understand the need for small though. My advice...do both and just keep the big ones until you have a gallery showing some day like me : ) I've been painitng 7 yrs and this was my first show! Was glad I had some really big stuff to put out there : )

    Keep up the good work

    Lisa D.

  15. This is Great! This reminds me how much I love Tarot cards and I have many packs and could never decide which was my favorite. Probably the Aquarian. Anyway, I haven't brought them out for awhile, but now I'm going to toy with doing some inchies...

    Thanks for more inspiration.

  16. Keep going Lisa. I love this!! As you reminded me, paint for yourself. They are buying you too! I play with Tarot alot. Only a suggestion: May your next painting be the Star. Keep following it, precious. :)M

  17. I really like your interpretation of the High Priestess and hope you are going to continue with a Tarot series. Maybe eventually you can have the paintings printed card size and make your own deck and sell copies. I actually know someone who has done that.


  18. WOAH!! she is Gothic and Gorgeous!! this must be one of your best works ever my fren :) WOW!!

    p/s the Book of Eli necklace, is listed in my new shop www.alteredalchemy.etsy.com :) you're the first to know, my blog post about the new shop will be out in 10 minutes :)

  19. Lisa, I love her deep rosey cheeks, she is so mysterous! You have the confidence to go big with your creations! So exciting when going bigger and such a great freedom. If you only ever create a few large pieces, it will show you just how confident you are. Show all your beauty!
    Thank you Lisa for your beautiful message. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, really means such a lot to me.
    Hope your having a brilliant weekend!
    Loads of love!


  20. Lisa! Gorgeous and Inpiring.. i love your version of this most magical card..the Hp is a most loved card of so many..you did a wonderful job..fab-u-lous!Shine on!!I love painting on a large scale, it is "home" to me!
    Magnificent creation. I love painting to tarat..it is a wonderful experience..thanks for sharing yours.

  21. Wow, what a mind's eye you have, so creative! I come to your site already knowing I will love what I see and I never leave disappointed!
    You are a little shiny jewel~*
    "I raise my glass"


  22. Lisa, she is so very enchanting. She needed to be created on a LARGER AND GRANDER SCALE. your work is lovely; I could sit and gaze on this one all day...

  23. Wow wow wow wow wow this is very impressive. Absolutely fantastic painting. Love it.

  24. Lisa this is stunning, I adore her! Do you know I always think of the High Priestess as my card too :)

    I don't think you should worry about making things smaller if your instinct is to paint big, always go with what moves you (and you could always get them printed card size!)

  25. I just came by to visit you from Gloria's blog. I love your painting! I am trying to make smaller pieces, too. Shipping is just ridiculously expensive!! :) Pam

  26. Lisa, she is quite mysterious. Tell me what the High Priestess means in the Tarot card deck. I am curious.
    Love your paintings! You have a certain style all your own. I can always pick out your art in the challenges without even seeing your name. That's a good thing.
    Hugs to you,

  27. Hi Lisa... I have to say that I absolutely love this artwork... and especially because I love tarot and oracle cards...

    I work with them you know...

    I keep thinking about making an oracle card deck... I have some cards already in sketch... Not in artwork but their meaning in words...

    Maybe one of these days you can paint some of these?!


  28. I think she is magnificent. I also think that you should make painting what you love to paint the priority, because that is really the artist soul in you being expressed. Others will love it and see it eventually I think. Little, quick, cheap is good for on the side, or a bit at a time when taking a break from the big one. Go for it, Lisa ! Art is a terrible thing to waste. ;)

  29. This is so awesome...I love the mood of this painting and the crimson and the greys together. The window sets the mood...love this! I always have the same problem with size. I love painting 16 X 20...but they are more difficult to ship and more of a commitment on the buyers part. I truly cant stand painting anything smaller than 11 x 14....maybe I'll find a way to get over this! Thank you for your kind visits...they are much appreciated! xx


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