18 August 2010

Sundae Wednesday and a New Painting

After over 3 weeks.

I finally squeezed this painting out.


Angels and





I am calling it “Protected”



I painted it on a hand made birch canvas.

It is pretty big (10 x 27'”)



Which would you choose….


Fresh Peach?



Mint Brownie?

Always the best idea is to share :)



  1. your work always reminds me of the great masters!! I adore the painting of the women and the crown, the top part especially! you rocked it!! xx's

  2. Hello,my beautiful artist,wonderful Lisa:-)*

    I don't know precise how I must to say you about these blessed painting of you...Bizarre feelings by!
    It tuched me and if be honest,I got tears on my eyes and warm smile on my lips!!!
    Thank you,thank you,thank you!-)))*


  3. It´s me again:-)*

    I placed detail of you painting by me on the sidebar,because would love to show for all peoples how great artist you are!


  4. Beautiful work Lisa!

    I choose the Peach!!


  5. Oh boy, me I would choose "Protected." Ice cream I can have any day but this is a great painting. You've done a fine job with this painting pritilisa. You give me inspiration to start painting. I haven't painted a face in a little while. Thanks for sharing. On second thought I'll take all 3 of those choices.:)

  6. Fab-u lous!! A magnificent and gorgeous piece..so wonderful! i adore it. and so cool about the birch panel..so meaningful you did that too! awesome! Thanks for sharing your mega-talent and magic!!HUgs!!

  7. I'll have a mint brownie sundae while I gaze upon this really beautiful painting. Lisa, I love this piece! I wish I could really see it in person.

    Hugs, Kelly

    ps-thanks for the comment. It really meant alot to me.

    double hugs

  8. Aaah Lisa..it was great finding you had visited! :)) And Girl..your newest painting is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Goodness Gracious Alive, I LOVE IT!

    Yeah, my Blog Updates haven't been posting since July. Blogger finally (after repeated pleas mind you) had mercy on me this a.m.

    Sorry about the Santos. I loved her too. I do have plans to create another one in the future. Have already sanded and stained her. Her dress is a yellow ocher and I'm still thinking about the type cross she'll wear. Maybe Rosette Crystals with a Royal Blue center piece. Not sure about a crown this time..maybe a floral garland for a headpiece.

    You cracked me up about the out-of-sight-out-of-mind comment. :D Could you hear me hollerin' out loud??? That's shorthand for: LAUGHIN' WAY TOO LOUD for all those unfamiliar with some of our Southern ways down here. :D

    Oh before I go..Of Course Being a Georgia Peach..I'd Most Definitely Choose the PEACH! Looks Devine!

    Sure Have Missed You!

    Hugs of Georgia Sunshine,

  9. I LOVE protected! Those homes really feel very protected by their guardian angels! A beautiful piece.

    The homes look like they are full of hidden treasures.

    Mint and chocolate...nice...
    A bite of both?
    But I agree with Gloria - tempting as the sundaes are, the painting shines above them!

    Big hugs! XOX

  10. Love the red dresses and the backgrounds on the houses. Well, I love the whole painting but those really got my attention. Mint brownie please, with a glass of red wine and could you have your resident dancer do a little something for entertainment? I'm just asking............. :)Bea

  11. This is SO beautiful- I love that you included details of the separate elements along with one of the entire piece.....I LOVE how the texture of the houses balances with the figures and "Protected" is the perfect title, they are obviously lovingly gaurding these homes and the folks inside! LOVE IT!

  12. What a wonderful work, It really evokes the feeling of being Protected doesn't it?

    Peach sundae for me please.


  13. Right off the bat I'd choose both : )~ Yum!

    Protected is a good name : ) No wonder it took you so long...you have a lot in this one painting...looks good but I know it can be hard to actually do it.

    A past post...do art every day and a few days here and there you will make a special one. Practice practice practice...a way of life art is.

    Have a great day
    Lisa D.

  14. oh, the mint brownie. I'm not a peachy person.

    Your HOUSES!! I LUV them!

  15. This is ... a work of art! Genius my friend. I feel all safe and protected just looking at it. It's dreamy, full of colour and texture and speaks volumes. Grand job!

  16. Lisa, this is Magnificent! Love, love, love the angels embracing the houses. And what gorgeous hands, hands are so hard to draw...

    I can't even look at the yummy desserts, I keep going back to the angels. And distracting me from scrumptious sweets is VERY hard to do :D


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