10 August 2010

Talky Tuesday


I need to Thank all of you Lovies

For taking the time to read and comment.

Truthfully, some days I am filled with so much angst

and self-doubt

that it is hard to believe in myself.

I have so many flops.

So many yucky-poos.


I know it can’t always be a Masterpiece.

I know.


We all fail and we all shine.


I want to shine when I fail.

I want to share it.


The above was a B-day gift for my sister

…but it was too blecky.

So she got nuttin *sigh*



Some of you were spot on with your guesses.

My model for the Green Man.


DSCN0006 - Copy

My Leo.

He makes a remarkable God.

In looks and in Spirit.


You, my beautiful, creative, shiny girlfriends,

are my backbone.

The push.

The breath of air.

I have to keep going to prove to you

That I have as much faith in myself

as you do.

cheeta and

Thank you for your kindness.

very much Love.


PS:  I ate my first ever Grilled Caesar Salad today…I LoVeD it!!!


  1. aww... sorry that it came out too belcky, whatever that might be :) but funnily, it caught my attention in my dashboard summary! and i still think it looks rather cool!

    your leo, must be breaking a lot of hearts ;)

  2. Oooh Grilled Caesar Salad sounds good. I don't think I ever had that. I love the way you have that glass of wine on your blog. I think that you are very creative, I love your work. You just have to take a peek at your blog and the creativeness shines through. You go pritigirl, you really shine. Take care.

  3. Super-Beautiful! It is AWESOME!!

    see your creation with new eyes..it truly is gorgeous and touches the soul! all you do is magnificent! HUgs!

    yes he makes a fabulous greenman..wonderful!

    I am happy to have found your sparkling blog and meet a fellow kindred artist and magical soul..shine on!

  4. Hi Lisa, love this post, love the gift your sister didn't get..lol...thanks for sharing.

  5. Know what ya mean. Sometimes we shine sometimes not so much.
    Leo is very good looking he shines for sure!

  6. I think you should wrap that up this instant and gift it to your sister. She will love it, besides someday it may worth a mint when your dead ;p Give yourself some more credit than that. Like one said above, look at it with fresh eyes. I think it looks super cool.

    oh and your Leo... oh my he must be beating them off with a stick. He even looks like a Leo. Very handsome young man, of course he has a pretty momma too.

  7. Like other commentors, I like the piece.

    Do you think maybe we have a "vision" for a piece we are creating and if it didn't quite match our vision we are disappointed? Others didn't see our vision and can view the piece in a unprejudiced way.

    Just my 2 cents.


  8. Lisa, I agree ~ Give that to your sister right now! she will love it. I love the way it looks like wet stone.

    One of the (many) things I love about you is that you dive right in and create. Not worrying about blecky-ness or flops. Wish I could do that. I over-think everything and if I think it may come out blecky, I hesitate to even start it. I hate to think of all the "masterpieces" that I'm not creating.

    I knew that was Leo! Such a handsome guy!


  9. the great thing about birthdays is that it is never too late to get a present!! especially when you are older and know it is not just a day, it is a celebration!! xxoo

  10. Tisk, Tisk........now you listen to Grammybea....everything, EVERYTHING are you listening? EVERYTHING (why can't I make Huge letters in the comment section?)
    you make comes from a special place within yourself. YOU, YOU with the little ego and the BIG EGO look at it and make a judgement. YOU FORGET THAT it came from a place, a special place where your creative muse/soul/you fill in the name resides. It was made for a purpose. DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT PURPOSE? I know I don't. I know that I've creating something "blechy" (is that really a word?) and somebody was drawn to it and asked if they could have it.
    It had healing powers that I had no knowledge of. So, give it to your sister. Tell her that when you were creating it it said her name. Allow her to respond to it.
    sigh...........Ok, enough of the lecture, come have some wine and cheese with Grammy. :)Bea

  11. Lisa, my beautiful lady! Hope you are feeling much better today.
    When you go to sleep ask yourself a few times either out load or in your mind. I want to know why I am having these recurent dreams and give me a solution so I won't have them anymore or feel tired afterwards. What ever you wish to happen for you. It maybe that you feel like your a drowning and need to save yourself. Asking your higher self or angels before sleep for the answer so you can move on and end these dreams.
    Hope this helps Lisa. I haven't tried this myself yet, apparently a famous astrontaut designer couldn't find the answer to put a livable area in space and asked his higher self one night and in his sleep he got the answer.
    Einstien got one of his answers in his sleep from horses running.
    Hope you have an amazing night of fulfilling dreams and answers!

    Loads of love!




  13. Please dear talented Lisa, don't be so hard on yourself!!

    You do amazingly creative work!

    If your sister doesn't love that, its okay - someone else will! (It looks very intriguing - but the photo doesn't really capture it all).

    I think everyone has those yucky-poo days. (God knows I do.)

    So glad you will are taking that breath and will keep going! As Oprah would say "You go girl!"

    I thought that was Leo - so handsome! Looking at your Frida photo, I can really see you in his features!

    Grilled Caesar Salad? Your creation or at a restaurant? Sounds yummy!

    Big hugs!

  14. I think self doubt goes hand in hand with being an artist. I admire your courage to jump in and do it, doubts be damned! I wish I had more time to just play with creating and see what would come of it- like Maggie, I hate to think of how many masterpieces I'm missing for lack of beginning....
    And your son is gorgeous, just like his Mama!

  15. The cheetah and the fawn...miraculous and so powerful! Leo does make a great image of god...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  16. How fun to get to see your Leo! And it has inspired me to try to capture my Leo:-) Beautiful artwork- but I totally get the self doubt piece. That's what makes us artists.

  17. Hey, I think Leo should see if he can get a role in the next fantasy movie. He sure does have something of the mythical about him - handsome lad!


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