16 September 2010

8 Things You Need to Know

I’m gonna tell you 8 things.

Or maybe a baker’s dozen


I made some artful things



and managed to put them in my shop.


Mia is back to school.

DSCN0076 - Copy 

Cyber-school and Dance school.

Here is what I learned in Algebra III

dance>(driving+waiting)=less time 4 me

Hmm..new math sucks!


I haven’t gotten, or accepted an award in a long time.

Then Kim The Queen of Arts

awarded me…can’t say no to Kim!


Here are the rules that go with it :

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!

I know,

I have said it all.

What more is there???

I have tons.

And  I am happy to say,

some new followers who might be interested.

I have a bunch of secrets still.


But I don’t want to focus on the bad.

And I don’t want to sound like I’m running for President.

So here it is as truthful as I can be:

1.  I drive myself crazy.  I am always overly facetious about minor things,incidentals.  But, I can be so lax on important things…Uhhggg!  I can paint an eye for an hour, but can’t fill out a check for the Gas Co.


2.  I hate to drive.  I always did.  Forced myself into getting a license and car at age 22.  I hate it more now.  To me it is a waste of time….I could be painting that eye…or paying the gas bill, LoL


3.  I will be 46 on November 7.  I hate my birthday. I don’t know why.  It is not because of getting older…I am loving every minute of experience I get.  I usually

am depressed on this day…and my favorite birthday present…the one I never get…Carry on without me!  I want to stay in bed and read….

which ties into …

4.  I am a certified BOOKWORM!  and proud.  I will tell you this secret…as much as I love my paints…and I do, so very much…my books are my vacation, my dessert, and sometimes, my reason….  I know I am repeating myself when I say, my 5th grade teacher put  negative remarks on my report card…nose in a book.  He beat bad kids with a board.  He also added…

5.  Anti-social.  I am. Always was.  I hid it well, very well for 30yrs.  I was the greatest server/bartender EVER!  I hide from people now…they would expect me to be that person they knew…that person I never was.


6. I am depressed.  I never go to doctors…that’s another story.  But I know I am.

And have been

For forever. When I was 8(?) I saw the ads in the back of a magazine.  How to adopt a starving orphan.  I ripped those pages out, put them in my pillow case and cried for them. I thought my tears would help them. 

6a.  I am a good mom.  The best I can be.  My kids are the people I want the world to be….


7.    I am optimistic.  I always see my way around the dark cloud.  I always see the silver lining, the sparkle in the darkle…THAT IS LIVING!  Life is so good for me. Sometimes I want to punch people that don’t see…what they have.

And I want to start something great for people that have it tough.


8.  I have the most bestest, loviest, support from my family!  And my team!

Finding Inspiration Avenue  was one of my luckiest days…You all have been so supportive and loving and BEAUTIFUL….I thank you.


See.  I knew I would carry on OVER



I hope you got to know me a wee bit more.

Thank you Queen Kim, for the award and the challenge…

I always love to stretch myself :)


Anyone who is up for a stretch….pick it up!



I would love to know more about you!


I will visiting you soon-ly !:) !



  1. Wow! That is a lot of stuff. Tee Hee. Lisa, to me...just looking at your videos and pictures told me all I wanted to know, that you would be the perfect bloggie buddy. Your tops. I get depressed sometimes too. You are a good person, wonderful mother, great artist, tons of fun. Hey, your tops! Tell you what, I'll take the award but I doubt if I will post the 7 things. I actually am trying to cut back on accepting awards because my blog is so full looking. I'm thinking of changing it. Take care wonderful woman and get in there and spend hours painting that eye.:)

  2. wow!! that's one of the most honest "tell something about oneself" i've ever read! BRAVO!!! you know what ... we can be antisocial together :)

  3. Oh, I am so happy to find another hermit who loves painting eyes and reading books and hates to pay the bills! Yay! And I know of this depression of which you speak. :) You are creative and sensitive, and because of that, you are compassionate which can lead to some serious depression. lol! I am happy you listed these things, because I know you a little better, and I a thrilled to make your acquaintance, you bookworm, you! xox
    Pam PS - I bet you are a GREAT mom!

  4. Lisa,

    You forgot to add anything about your primo sense of humor and your extraordinary inventive way of writing or how generous you are. Of course you wouldn't, because you are also modest. You didn't add that either!


  5. I second the vote on most honest 7 things but also deepest revealing things that I have ever read. it only makes you more dear. and your new work is magical! xox

  6. I LOVE your new work (I wish I had some money so I could induge myself:)) and the things you said about yourself were like reading about MYself.....IA is one of the best things that has ever happened to me too, in terms of support, encouragement and just being part of such a fab group of women. I too, am anti-social from being REALLY shy.....it gets lonely, and that's another way IA has been incredible for me. I could go on and on, but won't bore you that way....
    BIG HUGS to you, my IA sister ;)

  7. Ah, Girl, You did me soooo proud ! ;) Your amazing honesty just floors me. Isn't there something about laying it all on the line and just being yourself ? I think that comes with the 40's. A wonderful decade for coming into your own and not pretending so much anymore. How I would love to sit and have a glass or two with you, my Anti-Social Friend, and talk about love, and depression, and hearts aching for the suffering in the world and how one eye and a paint brush can be the whole universe when you let it...
    You are a true Beauty, Lady. Glad to be in the world at the same time as you...
    (PS - I have a priti priti girl sitting on my desk! I love her and she will get a nice frame when I get back from my art friends gathering extravaganza ! Thank you again !)

  8. It is always great to get to know more about you, Lisa! Thank you!!

    Ah, the joys of motherhood - all these extra jobs and "chauffeur" particularly isn't one that most of us signed up for! Some days, people ask - What did you do today? And you answer "I spent the day in the car". No one without kids understands, but we Mom's (and Dad's) do!! Any chance Mia can get her driver's license soon? That's helped in our household! (But then you miss those days of "time together" in the car! LOL)

    Books are so great! Me too, labelled bookworm and comments on report cards. I also take it as a compliment!

    I am very glad your optimistic side seems to overcome your feelings of depression. (So sorry to hear that) Big hugs!!

    Great to learn more about you!!! You are wonderfully social online, even if you aren't otherwise. I am so very happy to know you!


  9. Love the new work Lisa!

    I love you for all that you are and your honesty. You are just a beautiful person, inside and out. Hands down.


    p.s. I LOVE how you said "sparkle in the darkle"!!

  10. HUgs,you are Fabulous..you are a shining star and an inpsiration always!
    Much love and hugs and may sparkles follow you everywhere Dazzling One!
    HUgs and Kisses

  11. Lisa, You are a precious one. All of the algebra, driving,& being a good Mom shows on Mia and on your son. Love your craziness. Like when I met you,won your OWOH gift, and was greeted by a giant snow finger!

  12. And, all of that is why I adore you. SMOOCHIES :)Bea

  13. Well, we all know what a great artist you are, so we can add that to the list! I have a funny picture in my head now of you driving around with a scowl on your face thinking about all the painting time you are missing out on!

  14. I love it when people are authentic. I hear you. I embrace your being. I appreciate your presence in the world. And I think our tears for others do help.


  15. Aaah, I loved learning more about you my sweet friend. You sound like me relative to the painting issue. :)) Thanks for visiting earlier..did you happen to notice I used my BEAUTIFUL new sign as today's backdrop in some of my photos? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT THING! I will cherish it always! Hugs, Terri

  16. Lisa, you are a beautiful woman and I'm glad to have met you online. You are a great mom (the pic of Mia is awesome!) and a great artist. I don't know if I could be so honest about myself but I'll give it a go. It may take a while.

    Hugs, and have a great weekend. Now, go paint that eye.

  17. Lisa,

    I always love reading your post! You are so funny and interesting. I totally get the being the best bartender and not truly being that person. Love the part about painting the eye too!

    Your daughter looks so cool in her ballet outfit up on toes, wow. Now that would be fun to paint! You better have painted her like that because if anyone can you can!

    J.Cat ( My street name) Ha ha

  18. 'First' doodle? Wow, cool! Looks great and what a pretty daughter and amazing honesty. Bravo.

  19. Oh, I've been lagging behind so much in my blog visits, I missed this post! But I'm glad I found it now!

    I love all the comments ~ Healing Woman's and Stephanie's echo exactly what I would say. You told us things you were thinking about yourself at the time, but you forgot to say how terrific you are! But of course, you would.

    Inspiration Avenue would not be the same without you! I'm so happy I found this wonderful group of women too!


  20. Are you my sister? I have always suffered a little depression and inward loneliness growing up because I always felt so different. Over the years and (with age I am sure) I have come to celebrate that I am different and I am really quite proud of that now. Although I do have days of bouncing that make me wonder.."girl what is wrong with you"! LOL I am wildly optimistic and I like to believe the best in people. I am a survivor of many things and I like to give credit to my art, it keeps my level of thinking above water and has helped me to understand in this world that nothing is ever black and white. In my book, you are one NORMAl girl that has it all!
    ..and you do a pretty good doodle too!
    Stay real and keep smiling!


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