20 September 2010

as Above, so Below…The Star

"I am refilling this pool, so that those who are thirsty may drink, and I am also watering the earth so that, come spring, the seeds will grow,"DSCN1412

My second Tarot card.

This one was a struggle. But nothing good comes easy.

I haven’t completely sealed and varnished her,

so she is up for criticism.

I welcome advice, always.


The colors seem  more harsh…less blended here.

The painting in my hand is way more pleasant :)

I used flowers in lieu of stars.



Water is another trick to learn.

Me teaching myself, Hah!

Sometimes I really get a chuckle from me :D



I am basking in the love from all of you :)

Today was a good day.

Tomorrow will be even brighter!



  1. Wonderful Lisa!!

    Another lovely tarot card painting. She turned out beautifully!

    I especially like her eyes and the henna tattoos. (Which is odd as I'm not a tattoo fan in general.)

    You captured the water very well!

  2. I think she is priti perfect the way she is. Great work Lisa. Her hair and eyes make the painting I think. The water looks good too. In fact the whole card is A1. ::hugs::

  3. I love these cards. Will you print them out as sets to sell? I definitely want one! They are mysterious, intriguing and beguiling!

    Go! Woman of Wonder! Go!


  4. I think you did a fabulous job! She looks very wise, and I love the blue. And I have no idea how to paint water, so I think you are a genius for figuring that out. :) Now, go sweep some things off of a counter top - hahaha! xox Pam

  5. I love that you're doing tarot cards! She's great Lisa!!
    It's hard to get photos to look as good as the original I think. I struggle too and everyone's monitors are different as well.

  6. Beautiful Lisa..she is very enchanting and i love the nature-esque vibe to her spirit..very dreamy and flowing..it looks fabulous as is! Shine on..a wonderful creation!..enjoy the magic she brings.

  7. Water is hard to paint, you did a great job. I love her hair and beads. :)Bea

  8. I think she is wonderful! I love the determination in her eyes and you NAILED the water......also, I really like that you used flowers instead of stars and the symbols that you've been using are SO speaking to me!
    Carry on- this whole series is GOLDEN!

  9. I say get out the varnish! She is perfect! I love the way you did her face. She looks so knowing.

  10. Well I think it's lovely...only you know if it is finished. Sometimes I let a painting sit if I'm unsure about it. Just glance at it from time to time. If something needs to be done to it, you'll see it.


    XXOO M&P

  12. lisa, the star has always been one of my favorite cards - i just feel *drawn* to her and so happy when i draw her! i feel you've captured her energy completely... you really have... xoxo

  13. They look like Peruvian Star flowers which have a ton of healing symbolism connected with them. Lovely.

  14. Looks awesome! I love her and yes I would think water would be hard to do. I have not tried it yet. Maybe you can teach me one day. Looks like you have been so busy. I like your doodle too. Is the sketch book for a Suzi class????? Just wondering.

  15. Another beautiful painting, Lisa. This is one of my favorite cards of the deck. Love the flowers and you nailed the water. Go ahead and varnish her.

    hugs and have a great weekend.

  16. I forgot to mention that I LOVE the water!

  17. It's me, The Sea, coming over to say hello to my friend, the Young Pond. ;)) I hope you have a fabulous Sunday - xox! Pam

  18. These are gorgeous! I don't know how you did that water but the roots and the banner finish that piece so beautifully. Happy Sunday my sweet! xx


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