28 September 2010

The Empress and an Incredible Compliment :)

I was totally surprised this morning

by the most generous post…all about me :)

I am so flattered.

She made me sound like the greatest person ever!

Visit Stephanie’s blog by clicking:

Dragonfly Design Studios

If you don’t know Stephanie and her art, you soon will.

She is incredible!  Thank you over much Stephanie!


Now on to the next Tarot Card.

The Empress.

Queen of Life


Creativity, Healing, Love, Harmony.


She is most often depicted as pregnant.


But I was always happier when the baby came out :)


Acrylics on wood canvas.  10 x 24”

I am having so much fun doing these.

I wish I knew of a good place to get prints made…any suggestions?

Hope your day is full of Life!



  1. Lisa, she is perfect! How about checking picnik.com for prints. I think they may be high though. I had some done and was impressed with the quality. What about your usual printer? What a wonderful tarot card set these will make.

    I'm headed for Stephanie's right now to read about you~

  2. This is lovely!!! i just love tarot art :)

  3. WOW! and here's another.......WOW!
    Love everything about her, the eyes, the hair...everything!

  4. She is just beautiful lisa. I went to Stephanie's and she really did a wonderful post of all your great art and of you and how wonderful you are. It's true. So very nice. I just got home and it is so hot over here, like 3 digits.Just wanted to say hello. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. These are so good, Lisa ! prints will have to be made - no doubt about it ! Brava on the interview - well deserved praise for you, Talented Beautiful One !

  6. I agree with Stephanie! You are awesome! As is the Empress!

    She is beautiful and I love the crown STRENGTH, FOCUS and PASSION - Great words to live by!!

    And her hair! Wow!

  7. well good grief... that's because you ARE the greatest person ever!!!!! don't you know that?!!!

    ahhh - the empress is beautiful... strong!


  8. Really, you ARE an amazing person!!!
    When you do find a printing source- I'd love to order a set of your Tarot cards- one for me, and one for my daughter....incredible! And your new painting- I'm so glad you kept the eyes and that HAIR is gorgeous and perfect for her- I LOVE her!

  9. Lisa - You definitely are a fabulous person, but don't get a swollen head because all your hats won't look cute any more. ;) I love the Empress (and I am glad the baby is there!). I'm no help on where to get prints of larger work. I try and make my stuff no bigger than the size my scanner can take. :) Happy Wednesday - now I'm off to read all about you. ;) xo

  10. What a great depiction of the Empress card. You definately need to get a deck printed when you have all the cards done.


  11. Steph has done you proud Lisa, and the best bit is - it's all true!

    I'm loving your Tarot card series - your Empress is wonderfully rich in colour and very beautiful. I can't wait to see which card is next!

    PS Thanks so much for letting me know that your heart arrived safely, and I'm so happy you like it :)

  12. It's because you are awesome, girlfriend! Love the Empress, especially her eyes and hair.

    I don't know about cards, but check out imagekind.com for prints and cards.

    Good luck! Hugs

  13. Love the painting & your use of color especially. Lovely.

  14. Just fantastic! Here is to you!! Love your art and your crazy goodness!

  15. I realize I just "met" you through the Inspiration Avenue challenges, but I am SO impressed with your art. I have to totally agree with Stephanie. You draw so well and your paintings have an energy and imagination that are unequal.

    As you probably know, I feature an artist each day, and tomorrow (Oct 1) I'm featuring you when I post my IA challenge. Thank you for this rather difficult (for me) challenge, and for your inspiring blog and art.

  16. p.s. YOu are one of the greatest people ever!!! :) Stephanie is smart!
    Thanks for stopping by♥

  17. holy rockin' princess! she is such an empress--giving "birth" is "life". i am moved because i had a conversation about "conception" and birthing ideas this morning.


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