03 September 2010

Inside the Artistic Brain

I had a list for myself.

You know,

update my etsy 

plan a give away

clean up the cobwebs.


For some reason, getting the dusting done sounded like the best fun.

Just me and my thoughts

turning darkle into sparkle.

Then…it happened….

the Artistic Left Brain got an idea.

I KNOW you know how this goes.


But I rearranged rooms.

The dining room is now the living room.

I even washed the curtains!


In the end, my left brain was right :)

It looks like a new house! (well, different)

And I got the best workout of the year!  I did so many flights of stairs,

My buttocks (silly word) are tight now!!! LOL :D


I Am  having a Labor Day Give Away!

It rhymes :)

I have 4 of these:




8x10” prints up for adoption.


Agree that I’m crazy.

Crazy good.

And you’re in the draw.

If you think I’m crazy bad…you would have never read this far.

I have bored you enough.

But I plan on up-dating all weekend.

Love and Stuff



  1. Nope, I won't say you are crazy period. I think you are creative, funny, a great mama, a funny wine glass collector, a furnitre mover and a wall tiler. Anything else I forgot well toss it in the hat but don't call you crazy! :)Bea

  2. She is a cutey pie. I like that quote from Thoreau. I think that's great that you situated things differently. I wish I could be as full of pep as you sound. Come and rearrange mine. Tee Hee. If you are having a giveaway, why sure, enter me for the draw (like you say). Giveaways are always so much fun. Have a great Labor Day! Now I feel like having a giveaway. I haven't even painted #17 yet. I've been reading last night and today until 3:30 pm. I enjoyed the read too. Take care.

  3. Yay Lisa..I enjoyed your Crazy Lady post..I think Crazy is beautiful and the only way to be! Thanks for the fun spirited post and your magical ways! What a gorgeous giveaway and so super generous..yay! Count me in of course!

  4. Aren't you glad you are an artist? We can get away with so much. When we get in a flurry and actually finally clean our houses or (heaven forbid) studios, we don't do it like other people. We do it like there is a storm. I can just see you zooming around your house and up and down the stairs and finally relaxing with a glass of wine. So funny.

    The calligraphy you used on your gal is so well done, as is she. I'm hoping not many will see this post over the holiday so I will have a better chance to win!

    Have a fun weekend!(I know you will)

  5. Ooh, pick me, pick me! I love your pumpkin girl! That quote would have been a handy thing to have when I had roommates. Ugh, always hated having roommates. Well, they were okay, just not to live with...

    Sometime I think the only way to get my house clean is to have a total rearrangement of rooms. Otherwise, what's the use of cleaning? I'm glad you had fun, I'll bet it looks fab!



  7. Okay crazy wino friend of mine : )

    I love you for your crazyness ... well and besides...we share names.

    Ya know...itsa Lisa thing

    Please enter me in your contest

    Lisa D.

  8. Hope you had a Crazy glass of wine after all that Crazy moving, LOL! Sometimes some part of us just takes over doesn't it?

    Toss my name in the hat for the drawing please.


  9. If we weren't all just alittle bit crazy we would be office clerks. I like being crazy. Love your pumkin girl so count me in.
    I need you to come to my house and help me so I can move easily. So not looking forward to the cleaning and packing.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  10. You are crazy GOOD,dear Lisa and Crazy Talented woman!!!

    Love the state of you mind and you style to create youself:-)*


  11. I am away on the left coast and only now reading your posts.

    I love this print! You are crazy good and my daughter (who I am dropping off at`University here in Victoria) LOVES pumpkins!`(And needs`to decorate`her dorm room!)

    xoxo EVA

  12. What's the point of being an artist, if you can't be a little crazy too? And I'm with all the above comments on artists and cleaning- that's really the only way I do deep cleaning too is when I rearrange stuff ;) Hope you treated yourself to a glass of wine or two after all that crazy cleaning!
    Another good quote is; A clean house is a sign of misspent time" I really need to do something with that one for my own house....

  13. I love your take on life, and the way you approach it in a flurry. I'm sure glad I stopped by and would love to have the Pumpkin Girl gracing my studio.

  14. You are crazy good, and crazy fun, too! xox!

  15. All the best eggs are kind of cracked ! ;) And it takes one to know one. ;)

    I love her ! I hope I didn't miss the giveaway but being away in Canada for the long weekend. I hope you and your firm buttocks have a good week!
    Big Love to ya!


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