04 September 2010

It’s me again :)

I warned you.

I am chaining myself to this computer alllll weekend.

Except for when I am having fun!

Just kidding. LIFE IS GRAND!!!!!!

First. Inspiration Avenue.

The theme is Finders Keepers.


I found these acorns in front of the post office.

WoW!  People will say just about anything!  Acting like they never saw anyone 45 years old acting like a squirrel!

I mean, I see people acting like squirrels all the time.

But I don’t say anything “witty” to them.


I painted them gold.  Embossed some.

And took the most awesome picture.

No photo shop for me. (not clever enough)

What to do with these gold acorns?  Hmmm?

And second. I wanted to show some pictures of my “new”  house.

Here is the new corner I carved for my computer.


It will be cozy when I can’t take my computer outside anymore.

Did I ever show you my desk?


and chair?


I painted these in 2007


That is all for tonight.

I am still working away at stocking my shop.

I am still sending love thoughts to you all.

If you missed my giveaway, scroll down to yesterday :)



  1. Hey You, thats a beautiful,meaningful, useful piece of art-desk. Never sell that piece,just because.

  2. Too cool! I just knew you'd have neat painted furniture in your house.
    Love the Merlot colored wall too.
    Golden acorns perfect....what are you gonna do with them?

  3. those acorns would be so cool as christmas decor!! and man ... i can see why you're chained to your computer! what a fab little nook you have there and the folkart of the table and chair is so cool!

  4. I love the acorns. I like the way they look in the jar. You can drill holes in them and string them for your xmas tree. That desk and chair are awesome with Frida's quotes. Yay!
    It's good to see you again. Tee Hee!

  5. Love your gold acorns. :) And I see people acting like squirrels, too! Some even drive cars like squirrels. haha! Your desk and chair are fabulous. I love that quote from Frida. Happy weekend - xo Pam

  6. LOL!

    All these posts that`talk to me when I'm away and can't easily read them!

    First pumpkin that my daughter loves, then Acorns! Did I tell you, Lisa,`that that is my maiden name? Acorn. And my past week has been spent (pre-university drop-off) visiting the BC Acorn clan!

    Needless to say I love your finders keepers theme!

    Big hug!

  7. You're awesome! Love the painted furniture!!

  8. Hi - just found ur blog and I'm lovin it. Ur painted furniture is lovely and i love the picture of you dressed up like Frida...i'll be back :o)

  9. YOU are AMAZING. Just don't know what else to say. I'm speechless!!

    I love the gold acorns, BUT:

    Your painted furniture is....wow!!!! Is that a decorated floor I see also? Gorgeous!!

    Happy Labor Day! Don't labor too hard while you are chained to that computer :)


  10. I love the way you have transformed your found acorns Lisa - they look like something out of a fairy tale ... I wonder what would grow if you planted one now!

    Your home looks so fabulously arty - that chair is completely amazing!

  11. I love the image of you disguised as a squirrel. Good Find!

    Did you see I joined the challenge this week? You made me do it!


  12. The quote on your chair is SSSOOOOOO you Lisa! Funny. I do love the chair and desk. Your office looks cozy and artistic as well.

    What a good idea for the acorns. You are so much like me. You may remember a few posts back when I was gathering up smooshed bottle caps. People were looking at me like I was mad..which..sometimes I am. Your picture taking ability is marvelous..don't even think about Photo Shop..You don't need it!

    Tra la for now,

  13. I LOVE your acorns- so pretty and shiny, but I must admit that I'm DYING to know what the people said to you.....:)
    And your desk space- what a beautiful place to work- I love it too!
    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Hmmmm,let me look into my crystal ball.....ah yes, I see you attaching those golden acorns to a picture frame........and, let me look closer......who is that in the picture part? Come closer, I can't see clearly.......AHHHHHHHHHh, yes, Rocky!
    Now, what are you going to do for Bullwinkle's frame? :)Bea

  15. Ohh. yes, you are a NUT! HOOHEEhaaa. I know we are related in another realm..!It is 2;30 pm down here in the south and I am drinking Vino on the patio of Earth fare(like Whole Fooods),,,,I am riding my bike, so i am going t o fall off into the water when I ride back over the bridge..mwaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. Wow, love your computer nook. So artsy! Can see why you want to be there, but don't stray from your art making.

    Golden acorns? Would look lovely as Christmas ornaments or in a wreath.

    luvs, Kelly

  17. I am so in love with your work area! LOVE LOVE the frida quote! And the table and chair-PRICELESS. There is no way you would NOT be inspired working there...

  18. This may be the first time I've been to your blog, or it may be the first time in a long time. Whichever, I am certainly glad I came. Love your sense of humor and style, as well as your awesome photography skills. This is a super entry in the Finder's Keepers challenge. The gold paint makes them special enough to use as a decoration through Christmas.

  19. The adorable state of you mind,my dear Lisa makes me smile ALWAYS!!!

    I Like it,I enjoy it immensly,immensly much...

    These table and chair,oh,HOW great you did it,how absolutely fabulous ideas you have,my deasr Friend!!!
    These chair is a wonderful treasure and SOoooooooooooooo fabulous creation of you:-)*

    Thank you SO very much for you lovely compliments about my age...ha-ha-ha!!!LOL,I am already 48 and I feel me as a yong girl,happily!!!


  20. i am sooo cozy in your office. nice.

  21. Miss Lisa..I love what you did with these furniture pieces! Gorgeous! Now what do you suppose shipping charges would be to have them DELIVERED to ME! Ha ha ha :)) Man..I love 'um.


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