06 September 2010

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Boy, whoever came up with that name was smack-on!

I have been adding to my Etsy shop .

You know how time consuming that is…bleah.

I found the perfect piece…finally…and

painted another one of these:


I think this one is even nicer than the first :)


Remember How proud of crazy self I was…

making a clean sweep in my house?


The claw foot tub sprung a leak in it’s HOT water tap.

When I say sprung I mean SPRUNG!

with a capital Soak-ing wet,

waste of water.

If you know me at all…you know,


So, since nobody works on Labor Day.

I had to shut the water off in the whole house.

I turn it on to wash the dishes (catching the water upstairs in a bucket)

Flush the toilets quick, and turn it off.

I save the full bucket to flush the toilet in between times.

I am about to turn the water on now,

ZOOM upstairs, take a shower,

ZOOM downstairs

down some more stairs to the basement and shut it off.

The bright side is:

Tighter buttocks!

Everyone should buy an old, old house,

it does a body good.

I’ll leave you with a happy ending.

My Prayer Flags.



The drawing for the giveaway.


Everybody needs time to catch up :)

click here

Love, Love, LOVE


  1. oh no! Plumbing is not fun, but I applaud you. Such a cleaver girl. Good luck with it all. I live in a 25 year old house but we've been in it since it was new. oh well. the joys of home ownership.
    ANd yes you are right about reading books on Marie Antoinette. I've read a few and enjoyed them.
    I have to take a peek in your shop. Love witchy legs. :)

  2. Heck Lisa, my house was built in 1913, how about that. Know what the good thing is: My husband changed all the wiring, plumbing so we're good to go. We've live here for 21 years in this house and this is where we will stay. I love that sign. It would look purrfect outside my french doors in the studio when they are installed. I made a sign to hang outside. I can hardly wait. I have to go to your Etsy and see what you uploaded. I didn't sell my bangles on Etsy, they all sold offline. Tee Hee. Have a great Tuesday and I hope you get the plumbing fixed.

  3. I get a picture of you running around your house with a bucket with a crazy look in your eyes and wild hair every where. Understand. My water bill jumped $20 these past two months and the water department tells me I must have a leak. I can't find one anywhere.

    Love your sign. I need it above my bedroom door. Unfortunately, cats can't read.

    Have a lovely week, Lisa.

  4. What a busy little lady you have been today! Bless you for working on Labor Day with home plumbing...I would not know where to even begin! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. awww... hahaha!! you seem to be really "enjoying" your "exercises"!! anyhow ... you stock your shop real quick! i went there that day , there was only 1 item and now look at you! love the flaggies!! and the strippy legs ... well that goes without saying :)

  6. The sign is great. I want more details/information about the banner of prayer flags tho. After you get that leak fixed of course. I blogged about exercise today, it is clear where you are getting yours. Hope the plumber gets things fixed today.


  7. Hey Lisa, long time no talking at you! Sounds like you are as crazy busy as I am, with mad plumbing to boot! Gah, sounds like you had no fun, so crossing fingers for you. But your work--as always, super stellar! Love the new WofOZ sign!

    Hoping your day today is better! Hugs, Zan

  8. Lisa, thank you so very much for your uplifting messages. There went right into the depths of my heart.
    Do you know of any other lives you've had?
    I think once October is over I'll be able to scan the page of the story and place it on my blog. Not sure what the rules are with magazines. I'm sure it should be ok once the issue as gone off the shop shelves.

    Loads of love to you Lisa!


  9. So sorry for your plumbing woes- our house was built in the thirty's, so not OLD old, but old enough....you should have seen what we had to deal with when we replaced the toilet a couple of weeks ago- or maybe not!
    I LOVE the wizard sign, and agree I like it even more than the first one, or maybe it's just because I haven't seen it in a while:) anyways, I love quotes like that, and the way you used it is perfect!


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