11 September 2010


With the theme being simplicity at Inspiration Avenue 

I immediately thought food.

Organic, whole wheat pasta and homade sauce.

With the herbs and tomatoes from the garden

and a couple hours in the cramped kitchen

you can create the most simplistic art.

Which would you choose?


The Linguini with Fresh tomato sauce and a California Merlot?



Penne with Fresh Basil Pesto and Pinot Grigio?

They were both delicious.

But, the Pesto is always my most favorite.

Excuse the bragging, but I make some del-ish-i-o-so sauces!

There is nothing more simple

(and yummy)

than a mouthful of Mother Nature :)


Sunday afternoon.

Let’s go to all go see

what simplicity means to everyone.

click Inspiration Avenue .



  1. I'm going to need more wine and bread please, to make a selection.
    I'll just sit over here next to the bottle and think about it. They both look wonderful. :)Bea

  2. Oh pasta is my favorite. I'll take them both. Great looking dishes Lisa! I'll take a bottle please and can you pack that pasta to go.hehehehe. It looks so good and I will go to Inspiration Avenue as well lugging my bottle of wine and yelling "OPEN UP THE DOOR, I'M HERE!"
    Well Lisa as you can see I'm in a silly mood. Have a great Sunday. Take care.

  3. erm ... can i have both? since i'm eating for 2? you are a bad girl ... now i'm all hungry! i just woke up, haven't had breakfast and then i get to see this post on super food of yours!!! *tummy growls*

  4. I would like a serving of each and a glass of wine, thank you very much! I bet you are a good cook - these look delicious! xox - Pam

  5. YUMMY
    We just had bear stew. was good but my tummy mo like

  6. Both of these look sooo delicious! I like the idea of having both. Inspires me to be creative in the kitchen...

  7. How come it is 7:51 am here and I am drooling over the idea of pasta made with such love and a good glass of wine? Thanks friend ! ;) Seriously simply delicous looking treats...

  8. Yummm... This is a so delicious entry!!! Thank you! :)

  9. They both look so good Lisa, I really can't choose! Are you revealing your recipes?? Simple but delicious home cooking is definitely one of life's pleasures, great submission :)

  10. Please come cook for me. I'm a vegetarian, but I can't make anything this beautiful. Could it be because I'm drinking coffee with my meals rather than wine? Lovely interpretation of simplicity.

  11. Oh yum! Do I really have to choose? I'd like a bit of each!! :) I love the way you've photographed these dishes ... it is simplicity in the subject as well as the composition. Brilliant! (Now I'm hungry - lol).

  12. ooohh mangia, mangia, I will be right over!! ciao bella! xoxo

  13. I totally agree. Fresh simple fare is the most delicious. Do I have to choose? Can I have a sample of both
    and a full serving of the wines?

  14. Are you trying to hurt me!? Not only do I have to choose, but I can't actually have either one!

    These both look FANTASTICO! Right now the top one is appealing to me, because I just made some pesto and ate it all up... on the other hand, your pesto is probably better than mine, so...oh heck, can I just have some of both? I'll need both glasses of wine too please...

  15. Beautiful post Lisa...looks yummy..gorgeous and stunning..wish i was there!!

  16. Thanks for your entry, both are fabulous and now I am off to the store. Guess what I will be having this week?
    Thanks girlfriend!

  17. I WANT IT ALL!!! Your blog is delicious!

  18. Oh, they both look so yummy!!

  19. They both looks soo yummie!! Such a wonderful entry to the inspiration avenue challenge! Have a lovely merry happy week and love ot you!

  20. it doesn't even matter that I just had my dinner-pass a bit of that LINGUINE over here!

  21. Oh YUM (!) what a perfect entry! Tho, you're making me hungry...

  22. I'll take anything with a California Merlot. I'll bet you are a great cook, Italian girl!

  23. Simple food from the garden is best isn't it? I really like pesto but I'll admit the red sauce would win out. I have tomatoes, maybe I need to make sauce.


  24. can i have the merlot with the penne and pesto? yes, that's what i want...


  25. Hi pritilisa. Just wanted you to know that I received my print and am very happy with it. I love it!! I thank you very much and wish you all the best. Thank you, thank you! :DDD Awesome.

  26. Glad to have found your blog! For me it has to be the pasta with pesto! Yummy.....

  27. Pesto, Pesto, do your very best-o, don't hang back like a shy little kid! You'll be so glad that you did what you did, if you do it with a bing bang bong!!

    (song from old sophia loren movie)


  28. Oh I would choose the linguini for sure - just to get my hands on that scrummy Cali merlot!! ;D They both look delicious though!
    Isn't homemade sauce the best? The one good thing I got from my ex (his great grandmother's recipes, lol!)


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