11 October 2010

2 pages in my sketch book

Here are the 2 pages I did this weekend

        Some people see a mangled pile of junk.
I see possibility.
A hidden gem waiting to shine.

I have to thank Eva for being
such a supportive, encouraging friend.
I twisted her arm (pretty hard)
to do this project with me.
She has been the partner this procrastinator needed!
on to that man I am painting…

Love, Lisa


  1. Looks like a great project. I like sketchbooks, the whole idea of "sketch" seems to allow so much freedom somehow.


  2. I think my arm has recovered... ;)

    Thank YOU Lisa! This procrastinator really needed a partner to encourage her too!

    We are at 5/40! 12% there!! (Yay!!)

    These sketches are wonderful! The first is such a fabulous fall creation and the second looks intriguing but I can't read the words....

    Any chance you can write them out in the post - you always have such great words on your creations!

    2 for next week, too?

    xoxox EVA

  3. Looks great Lisa! Have a great week.

  4. I love the first one! Oh those stockings and vibrant colors. She's so alive. She would look great on one of your furniture pieces too.

  5. Wow Lisa, I love these!!! What a nice project!!!:)

  6. I like you sketches absolutely very,very much,dear Lisa!!!
    I see it now that it would be great,inspirational work:-)))*

    Love and many hugs to you,

  7. damn, you are so GOOD! i love everything about these pages... the colors are perfect - bright when they need to be and subtle the rest of the time. and the design, and the words... pefect...


  8. What a fun project ~ Wish I had joined in!

    Such exuberance in the first 2 pages! She is just bursting with happiness at the gorgeousness all around!

    The second one is more subdued ~ I love the diamond pattern and the words! Both are great!

    Have a perfect week!


  9. Love it LOVE IT! Ahh, it's been awhile since I've broken open a sketchbook or done any ACEOs--I should get back to it :)

    Let me know when you get your Spooky Kitty! I sent the package the next day so I'm assuming you'll get her tomorrow! :)

  10. happy Happy Happy!!! I love your happy pages! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. These are wonderful- I especially love the Autumn one (I WANT those boots:))you've captured that glorious Fall feeling! And you know me and words....plus harlequin diamonds, what's not to love!

  12. Your sketchbook is da bomb!It will feel great making a whole book of delicious art! Yay for you!

  13. Love them, especially the first one. I feel like dancing through the leaves with her.

    (thanks for you remark on my blog. The pic was taken at bus station as we were seeing my nephew off before his tour in Iraq.)

  14. Your work is so brilliant! I love the positive message!!

    BTW ... you are a member of the Honor Society on my blog tomorrow. :) If you get a chance, swing by!

  15. Never put off til tomorrow..what you can put off til the day after tomorrow! I am the world's biggest procrastinator. Good that you have a partner that will kick you in the Arse..LOL! Love your art as always!

  16. I'm there with you on the possibilities from a pile of junk! Have so missed seeing your art and your wonderful posts! I'm doing a blog give away, if your interested, drop by! xo Michele

  17. such fun and wonderful pieces, I love the words.

  18. Oh Yes..I too see junk and immediately begin to have visions. I just finished your previous post and decided to leave my comment up with this new one.

    Lisa..that stool is to die for! Love the colors..That Beautiful Sun..and Moon. Wow..truly a nice piece.

    I've been hunkered down for days at my soldering bench..decided to come up for air today. Autumn is my favorite time of year in which to paint, so I'm itching to get back to the easel. Low humidity helps my oils cure faster. Seeing all your beautiful work inspires me so very much..Hugs, Terri

  19. Goreous Lisa..how did i miss this one..i love these! I feel sparked by the first one..i love her energy and spirt and of course the striped stockings..and the second is very striking and powerful! Such beauty and strength in your work always!
    Shine on!
    And..Cool water post too!awesome!


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