22 October 2010

Cyber Fall-out

I fell out of cyber land.

It is a terrible thing

when your only connection to the world

gets sick and sicker.

I could read blogs…if I was fast…

then I would get pushed out.

Every computer in the house went sour.

Mia cyber-schools.

I blog.

Fixing this was like fixing my car.

I had to, but I didn’t know how.

Determination and

Hours of phone conversation with tech-folk and

finally here I am.


Much like Mary Magdaline.


Please everyone, forgive me for my lapse.

I have a ka-jillion unanswered emails…

a 7 mile high stack of blogs to read…

etsy responding…

Sketch book pages to post…

I will plow through it this weekend.

I will catch up…I WILL!!!

And then, I will introduce you to my Patron Saints.

You must forgive me.

I know you will.

Love X0xx

PS: Did you know your router needs a good night’s sleep every month?

Some great advise…(thank you tech-angels)


  1. I have been wondering where you were. I'm so used to your wonderful comments to my posts and then..poof..you were gone. If I didn't have a computer guru for a friend, I don't think I'd survive.

    Your new series is amazingly wonderful. Patron Saints..who would have guessed you could come up with something as cool as that..well, of course I would have guessed because you ALWAYS come up with really wonderful new artwork.

    Welcome back!

  2. Darling Lisa:-)*

    You are magic woman and fabulous artist!!!

    I know what do you mean about sometimes away from here,from all posts and also from you work...

    Autumn is beyond nice colurstime but I get my gripp unfortunately...and try to stay more in bed,drinking tea with honing and citroen:-)*

    I am happy you are back here!!!

    Love ad hugs from me,

  3. Also computers like to take a nap, and they love it when you get rid of the 5,0000 photos you have been storing on them for no good reason (that was what I was doing). lol! Glad you are back. Pat your computer on the head for me, and tell him/her 'thank you'. xox!

  4. Hey, glad to have you back ! Don't feel like you have to catch up everywhere - that is so daunting !
    Things are good in my world, so there, that one is done. :)
    I married a computer geek. Yes, I am very lucky.
    Glad the tech-angels came through for you.
    Forgiven completely !

  5. Welcome back Lisa. Strange, now I am having problems with my blog. I keep losing it, it just clicks off?? Glad you are back and your new series sounds great. Have a great weekend. Missed you.

  6. Welcome back! Was thinking of you the other day...computer troubles are never fun!

    Don't forget to breath this weekend too : )


  7. We so totally understand, Lisa. I'm lucky to have a cyber guru at home. I have missed you, but I figured you were very busy. Looking forward to seeing your new series.

    love ya, Kelly

  8. Priti
    Yep you were busy doing something cool. I was right!
    Glad you are back.

  9. I empathize Lisa - I was deeply traumatized when I wasn't able to get online for a week!

    Lovely to have you back, and your Mary Magdalene is A-mazing - I love the unusual formats you use - so interesting! xox

  10. I am SO glad you're back- I missed you! I can't wait to see more of your patron saints- Mary is incredible! BTW, I was lucky enough to marry a cyber guru as well, or else, I'd be lost a LOT of the time! As it is, my computer (and only mine out of several in the house:)) does wonky and unexplained things all the time...
    Hope there were lots of Etsy sales waiting you!

  11. My router needs a nap? Maybe I'll give it one when I take mine.

    Welcome back, you were missed.


  12. Woman, no worries! These things happen, I believe it's happened to most online users. At the end of the day, it's a small happening. We missed you!


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